Digital Basal Thermometer – Clinical Grade

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If you are looking for a top-of-the range BBT thermometer, then this could be the one for you. Firstly, it is more accurate than most BBT thermometers you might see offered elsewhere, measuring to 1/100 degree. It is also specially designed for early morning BBT readings. Its BEEP is loud enough to hear but quiet enough so as not to wake your partner up!

Because this BBT thermometer is a precision tool, it takes a full minute to take a reading, so just relax for those 60 seconds and wait for a HIGHLY accurate 2 DECIMAL measurement.

LAST temperature memory is another great feature of this BBT thermometer. You can take your temperature whilst half-asleep and put it aside and snooze. you can then record temperature later, when you wake up. (Simply hold the Button for 3 seconds from off-mode to see the last recorded reading)

Auto Shutdown after 5 minutes saves battery life whilst giving you plenty of time to to write down your temperature.


  • Large, easy-to-read digital display
  • Reads in Celsius
  • Digital Recall Memory of last temperature reading
  • BBT Thermometer beeps at peak temperature
  • Can be used under the armpit, orally or rectally
  • Certified accuracy to 1/100th of a degree
  • includes storage case and instructions
  • FREE BBT Charts included

Predict Ovulation by Charting Your Basal Body Temperatures – discover when during the month you are mostly likely to conceive your baby!

During ovulation, a woman’s body temperature rises to create an environment that is ideal for conception. If you monitor this change in body temperatures, you will know when in your cycle ovulation is taking place. Using a basal thermometer to record your basal body temperature each day will allow you to know when you are ovulating.

What Is Basal Body Temperature (BBT)?

Basal body temperature occurs first thing in the morning as you wake up. It is your lowest normal body temperature. Make sure you take your temperature immediately upon waking. Don’t wait until after you go to the bathroom, eat breakfast or start moving around. You should take your BBT at exactly the same time each day.

Why Is It Helpful to Chart Your BBT?

By charting your basal body temperature, you are able to tell when you are ovulating. When you ovulate, an egg is released from your ovary. This usually only happens one time during your menstrual cycle. You can typically only conceive if you have sex at the time when you are transiting you’re your lowest temperature back to a higher temperature. You will start to notice a fluctuation in your basal body temperatures if you always chart your BBT first thing when you wake up each morning. You can start planning to conceive or avoid getting pregnant by noticing the pattern that takes place right before your basal body temperature starts to increase slightly.

What is the Best Way to Determine When You are Fertile?

If you want to determine when you are fertile, it is best to use a combination of methods. In addition to taking and charting your basal body temperature each morning, you can also predict your fertile time by checking your cervical mucus. Charting both of these things for several months will allow you to see a pattern emerge. This gives you the best chance of determining when you are most fertile.

How to Do Daily Charting

Take and chart your basal body temperature the day you start your period. Make sure you are using a basal body thermometer as it will show the slightest change in temperature. After you take your BBT, write the results on a chart. Next check the texture and consistency of your cervical mucus. When you are fertile, you may notice that your mucus is thick and will stretch between your fingers. This usually happens around the time when your BBT starts to increase. When these two things happen, it is a good time to try to conceive.

How do I use a Digital Basal Thermometer?

Our article explains how easy it is to use a Basal Thermometer

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