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Suresign Early Pregnancy Test Samples Bag

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Don’t know what to choose? Let us choose for you!

Choosing the right pregnancy test can be quite a challenge. Will a regular one do? Or should it be ultra early? Or a midstream?

Our Pregnancy Test Sample Packs take all the worry out of buying pregnancy tests. We’ve put together a special selection of the pregnancy tests we like best, all in one fantastic pack.

Each pack contains a range of pregnancy tests, the idea being that some pregnancy tests suit some women more than others – but you’re not going to know that unless you give them a go.

And, best of all, when you buy one of these packs, you can be sure that you will always have a pregnancy test ready when you need one!

What’s Inside

Each Suresign Early Pregnancy Test Samples Bag contains:

Zoom Baby early pregnancy tests, aside from being as effective and precise as the other different brands on sale at pharmacies, happen to also be less expensive and of moderate cost than those brands!

Test Features:

  • Easy to use – every one-step pregnancy test is accompanied by a list of printed demonstrated directions for use in order to guarantee an easy and correct use. They’re ideal for personal use inside your home or apartment.
  • Fast results – with our pregnancy test kit you don’t have to wait for long. The coloured bands will let you know if fertilisation has taken place within 5 minutes at most, however one can see positive results as fast as 40 seconds after use!
  • Discreet and safe packaging – every one of the test kit is packaged in its individual sterile foil packet, safeguarding from humidity and it is quite small to carry one of the tests inconspicuously in a handbag.
  • As used by doctors – it is the same test we sell to doctors and health centres that we are offering here, as such you can be guaranteed of getting nothing but the best available.

Ultra Early Pregnancy Test Strips

Pregnancy test strips are immersed into a sample of urine collected in a container (as opposed to being held directly beneath a stream of urine) This is the same kind of tests used by health practitioners in hospitals. Test strips are often common among the trying-to-conceive community as they give an identical early detection and precision result as a conventional test, however at a more affordable cost – ideal for your habitual tester!

The ultra-early 10mIU/ml pregnancy test strip we offer is the favoured pregnancy test utilised by  thevast majority of A&E divisions in clinics all over the UK – mostly the lower the figure, e.g. 10mIU versus the popular 25mIU, the earlier the detection of pregnancy. The tests displayed here are the same as those the NHS buy from us, so you are guaranteed of getting the best product available.

Once you’re continuously making attempts to conceive, chances are you’re prepared to start testing as quickly as time permits. With the Zoom Baby Pregnancy Test Strip, sensitive to just 10 miu/ml HCG, you’re capable to start testing even within four days prior to your missed period.

Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests

  • This is one of our popular pregnancy tests from a leading UK pharmaceutical organization. You can’t be far off the mark using these ultra-early tests.
  • Quick, simple to understand results within 3 minutes.
  • Accurate Result: 99% precise at first day of anticipated period.
  • Convenient: the test can be used at any point in time but it is most effective and accurate with the first urine of the day.
  • 33% more precise in result than a couple other top UK brands*

Pregnancy Cassette Test – the ones used the NHS

Our pregnancy cassette test, which involves using a pipette to correctly add the right measure of urine into the test well, is utilised all over the NHS to detect a positive pregnancy test. These tests, same as every one of our tests, are precise, dependable and provide outcomes very fast. These tests show a positive outcome for pregnancy at concentration levels of 25mIU/ml or more.


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