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This great value bundle from Zoom Baby brings together two of our best-selling pregnancy tests in one value combination.

What’s in the bundle?

2 x Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests
20 x Ultra Early Pregnancy Test Strips

When you go for this deal, you will save over 16% on the price of buying these products on their own.

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Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests

If you are looking for a midstream pregnancy test, that is reliable and can be used up to 5 days early, this may be the one for you. As good as some of the posher brands, but at a fraction of the price!

  • Super-quick, easy to read results in 3 minutes
  • Accurate Results: 99% accurate at first day of expected period.
  • Convenient: You can test at any time of the day but the test is most sensitive with first morning urine.
  • The test can be used as early as 5 days before your period is due. The test is most accurate on the day your period is due.
  • 33% more accurate than some other leading UK brands*

* at 4 days early


Question & Answers

How Does This Pregnancy Test Detect Pregnancy?
Simply put, this pregnancy test will detect pregnancy through hormone levels and presence. The further along to which a pregnancy is, the higher levels of pregnancy hormone there is.

When is The Best Time to Use This Pregnancy Test?
Knowing what day you expect your period to be on is crucial. 5 days before this day, this pregnancy test will be approximately 64% accurate when detecting pregnancy. 1 day before this day, this pregnancy test will be approximately 99% accurate when detecting pregnancy.

Should I Use First Morning Urine?
Due to the level of concentration which is in your first morning urine, testing with such is ideal, although is not entirely necessary. If you are testing several days before your expected period day, using first morning urine is important for somewhat accurate results. Lastly, do not drink too much before using the pregnancy test as it will decrease the concentration of your urine and thus provide less accurate results.

How Can I Tell If I Used the Test Properly?
If you have used the test properly, a link will appear within the “Control Region”; indicating that the test was a success.

How Important is it To Wait 3 Minutes?
Very important. Shortly after using the stick, the Control Region line will be shown. However, it’s important that you wait the total 3 minutes before checking the stick to see whether or not the “Test Region” line has appeared, and therefore receiving the results of the pregnancy test.

What Does It Mean if There Is a Line in Both the Test Region and Control Region and One Line is Darker?
If there is a line in both of the regions on the pregnancy test, and one of the lines is even remotely darker than the other, then this is an indication that you are pregnant.

How Long Should the Pregnancy Test Have Contact with My Urine for an Accurate Result?
If you aren’t sure if you held the test in your urine stream for enough time, simply check if there is a line shown in the Control Region. If there is, the test has worked. For results which are as accurate as possible, you should urinate on the stick for a minimum of 2 seconds. Afterwards, wait 3 minutes before checking the test to determine if you are pregnant.

Is This Pregnancy Test Accurate?
Yes. Clinical studies show that if this pregnancy test is used one day prior to your period expectancy, it has an accuracy of 99%.

33% Accuracy, What Does It Mean?
In comparison to some of the other pregnancy test brands out there, when you are using a Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Midstream Pregnancy Test, there is a 33% increase in accuracy when you use it 4 days prior to your period expectancy day. This provides you with more certainty when using a pregnancy test.

How Sensitive is This Pregnancy Test?
This pregnancy test works by detecting a hormone known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and detects it through urine concentration at 15mlU/mL or above.

The Pregnancy Test Shows That I Am Pregnant, What Do I Do?
If the pregnancy test shows that you are pregnant, it’s a good idea to purchase another pregnancy test and test yourself again on the day when you expect to have your period. Furthermore, after you are certain that you are pregnant, get in touch with your doctor so that you can talk about the steps which should be taken next.

The Pregnancy Test Shows That I Am Not Pregnant, What Do I Do?
If the pregnancy test shows that you aren’t pregnant, then no pregnancy hormone has been detected. If you miss your period and it does not start on your expected date, then purchase another pregnancy test and try again. If the second test still shows negative pregnancy and you still haven’t started your period, then get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible.


Early Pregnancy Test Strips – Pregnancy Testing Has Never Been Easier!

Did you know that you can detect a pregnancy from as early as six to eight days after conceiving? This means that you can detect your pregnancy before your first missed period! Now that we have accurate early testing, you’ll be able to ensure that your baby is well and truly taken care of with the best possible prenatal care, right from the very beginning of your pregnancy.

Today, accurate early testing for pregnancy has never been easier: our extremely sensitive 10mIU/ml tests are identical to the tests used by many doctors and hospitals.

  • Tests are set to detect just 10mlU/mL HCG in urine;
  • Each test comes individually packaged in a sealed foil pouch;
  • Tests are easy to use, with an accuracy of over 99%;
  • Test strips are 3.5 mm wide, for easy interpretation;
  • Tests come with complete, easy-to-understand instructions; and
  • Your tests will arrive in unmarked packaging to ensure your privacy.

HCG is a hormone that’s present in your urine, and this home pregnancy test measures the HCG level. Once an embryo has attached itself to the uterine lining, HCG is produced; rapidly building up in your body in the days following implantation. The higher the level of HCG, the further into the pregnancy you are. This test is capable of accurately detecting pregnancy as early as four days prior to your first day of missed period!

So Easy to Use!

You’ll find these test strips very easy to use. Take a clean cup or plastic beaker and fill the container with urine. Then, dip the end of a pregnancy test strip into the urine for a few seconds. Within just five minutes your test result will be displayed!

Note that each order of pregnancy test strips comes with complete, easy-to-understand instructions.


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