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Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are 99.9% accurate at detecting your “LH Surge” – the sudden, brief increase in luteinising hormone present in your urine just before you ovulate. Our tests will help you Pinpoint Your Most Fertile Time of the Month

We’ve been selling ovulation tests online since 2005, so we know all about them and can offer you free, friendly advice, if and when you need it.If you are new to all of this, you can’t go too wrong buying one of our best selling packs.



Zoom Baby Regular Ovulation Tests are a popular choice for detecting ovulation – the time when you’re most likely to conceive. These Ovulation Tests are accurate, affordable, and easy-to-use, which is why they are a customer favourite! Click here to see the full range of regular ovulation tests.


These Zoom Baby Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Tests are perfect for women who struggle to find the LH surge with regular Ovulation Tests. A great choice if you need high sensitivity ovulation predictor kits. Click here to see the full range of extra-sensitive ovulation tests.


Zoom Baby Sample Bags put together some of our best-selling ovulation tests into simple product combinations, allowing you to test and buy some of our most popular trying to conceive items.


A midstream ovulation test is similar to a traditional pregnancy test, you just “pee on a stick” and wait for the results.  As we as our own, high quality midstream ovulation tests, we also offer Suresign and Clearblue. Finally, the Clearblue Fertility monitor, is probably one of the most reliable ways of testing for ovulation around.

Why should I buy Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests?

We offer regular, Extra-Sensitive and Deluxe Ovulation Tests so that you can find the test that suits you and your body best!

Choose the Right Ovulation Test for You!

What Our Customers Say

We had been trying for our second child for 10 months. I had never tried Ovulation Kits before I came across Zoom Baby. The very first time we tried wham bang We’re pregnant!! I wish I had tried them earlier, it would have saved all the months of waiting. BIG TIP – Read every bit of the instruction leaflet!!! – E.G.
tried to get pregnant for 12 months now used your ovulations strips for 2 weeks got the surge results, did as you said and now i’m pregnant thanks – T.R.
hi i just wanted to thank you i have been using the ovulation tests for 2 or 3 months now and just found i am pregnant sooo happy hope everything is ok this time i started using them as i only have one tube due to an ectopic pregnancy in 2009 it took us 15 month 2 get pregnant again which sadly ended in mc sept 2011 soo glad i gave you a try thank you!! – N.W.
After emailing you regarding my confusion over my ovulation test results, I am pleased to say that there was no need for my impatience as I found out I am pregnant after 1 month of using them. Thanks again for your advice – D.B.
Just to say that after 2 months of using the ovulation kits…….I am pregnant, this is after 1 year of trying. It’s early days for us, but hopefully everything will be okay. Thanks very much. – A.M.

 Advantages of Zoom Baby tests over Internet “cheapies”

  • All tests are a minimum of 3.5mm wide (Optimum width for easiest interpretation.)
  • Beware: Most cheap ovulation tests are just 2.5mm wide!!)
  • We only supply “branded” Ovulation Sticks and Pregnancy Tests from top manufacturers.
  • CE marked and FDA approved

Some of the Cheap Ovulation Tests we have seen are, – not FDA cleared, not NHS cleared, sold in unbranded, untraceable packaging. Often the sensitivity of the tests is not defined. Don’t waste months of trying on unreliable, cheap ovulation tests just to “save” a few pennies.