Ovulation Tests and Early Pregnancy Tests


Pinpoint Your Most Fertile Time of the Month with Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are 99.9% accurate at detecting your “LH Surge” – the sudden, brief increase in luteinising hormone present in your urine just before you ovulate.

Why should I buy Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests?

Advantages of Zoom Baby tests over Internet “cheapies”

  • All Zoom Baby tests are a minimum of 3.5mm wide (The optimum width for easiest interpretation.)
  • Beware: Most cheap ovulation tests are just 2.5mm wide!!)
  • We only supply “branded” Ovulation Sticks and Pregnancy Tests which we source from top manufacturers.
  • CE marked and FDA approved

Some of the Cheap Ovulation Tests we have seen are, – not FDA cleared, not NHS cleared, sold in unbranded, untraceable packaging. Often the sensitivity of the tests is not defined. Don’t waste months of trying on unreliable, cheap ovulation tests just to “save” a few pennies.


10 Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests + 5 Pregnancy Tests

10 Ovulation Tests + 5 Pregnancy Tests

"I had never tried Ovulation Kits before I came across Zoom Baby. The very first time we tried wham bang ...
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20 Zoom Baby Ovulation Test and 5 Pregnancy Tests

20 Ovulation Tests + 5 Pregnancy Tests

"Just to say that after 2 months of using the ovulation kits…….I am pregnant, this is after 1 year of ...
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Zoom Baby Ovulation Test Pack LARGE

40 Ovulation Tests + 10 Pregnancy Tests

99.9% accurate Ovulation Test 3.5mm wide test strip Long shelf life CE and FDA cleared NHS used & approved Sent ...
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Zoom Baby Ovulation 60 TEST PACK with Fertility Vitamins

40 Ovulation Tests + 5 FREE Pregnancy Tests & Vitamins!

" I bought the tests and used them as instructed and found out I was pregnant 3 weeks later thank ...
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