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Every expectant mother wants to ensure their unborn baby will be healthy, and that means taking care of yourself during pregnancy. One of the important ways to do this is to supplement your diet with pre-natal vitamins. Pre-natal vitamins contain essential vitamins and minerals that are important to your own health, as well as the health of your baby. Here are some of the key benefits of taking pre-natal supplements during your pregnancy. At Zoom Baby we offer a wide range of preconception vitamins and supplements. Choose from popular products such as Pregnacare Conception, Wellman and Seven Seas.

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The Benefits of Pre-Natal Supplements and Vitamins

Increased Nutrition

Pregnancy requires higher levels of key nutrients such as iron, folic acid, calcium and vitamins D and B6. Pre-natal vitamins provide all of these and more, helping to ensure a healthy balance of nutrients for both you and your baby.

Reduced Risk Of Birth Defects

Pre-natal supplements, especially those that contain folic acid, can help reduce the risk of neural tube defects in your baby. Neural tube defects are a type of birth defect that affects the brain or spine. It is recommended that all expecting mothers take a pre-natal supplement that includes folic acid to help protect their baby.

Healthier Pregnancy

Taking pre-natal vitamins can help to boost your own immune system during pregnancy, which can help to reduce the risk of common illnesses such as colds. Pre-natal vitamins can also help to improve your energy levels, aiding in a healthier and more comfortable pregnancy.

Better Baby Development

Pre-natal vitamins provide the necessary building blocks for your baby’s healthy development. They provide important nutrients such as vitamins A, B, D, and E, and minerals including iron, zinc, and calcium, which help to contribute to their overall health and well-being.

Overall, taking pre-natal vitamins during pregnancy is an important part of ensuring the health of your baby. They can help to reduce the risk of birth defects, protect the mother’s immune system, and provide the essential nutrients needed for healthy baby development. So if you’re expecting, be sure to speak to your doctor or midwife about the benefits of taking pre-natal vitamins.