Maca for Fertility 500mg – 100 Tablets

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Natural Supplement extracted from the Root of the Maca Plant (lepidium meyenii). Popular with Men and Women looking to Improve Fertility, Energy and Libido.

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For Fertility, Choose Incan Superfood Maca

Maca is a cruciferous plant that is native to the Peruvian mountains and often identified as an Incan superfood. For centuries, it has been a trusted folk remedy believed to positively impact energy levels and libido.

Maca’s connection to fertility goes back its discovery by Incan farmers. They realised by accident that there was a connection between the fertility of their animal herds and the herds’ consumption of Maca. Today, hundreds of years have passed and people are still seeing the connection. The plant is safe, potent and enhances fertility for both men and women.

Male Fertility And Maca

A significant increase in sperm count was seen in a four-month scientific study that examined the effects of using a Maca supplement. At the end of the four-month period, participants who used the supplement had a higher sperm count, greater sperm motility and increased semen volume than before. Studies in animals have shown similar results, including better sperm health and sperm production. Although unproven, many also believe that Maca increases sexual desire and function too.

Female Fertility And Maca

For women, Maca seems to work by restoring hormonal balance. Specifically, Maca is believed to suppress estrogen dominance and help create a favorable balance in the female body between estrogen and progesterone. That makes getting pregnant easier. Many women also report greater liberal and better sexual function when using a Meca supplement.

– Every pack provides over three-months supply,  100 easy-to-swallow caplets of 500 mg Maca powder.

– Maca capsules may be taken along with other fertility supplements with no side effects.

– Capsules contain completely organic Maca root powder of the highest quality.

– Maca may increase sperm count, sperm motility and semen volume for men.

– This product may help encourage oestrogen-progrestone hormonal balance in women, and that can help with achieving pregnancy.

Is Maca really “nature’s Viagra”?

The nickname “nature’s Viagra” is one that has been linked with Maca. And you can see why. Not only has this supplement been linked to fertility benefits, but it has also been suggested that it can help sex drive. This kind of useful when you are trying for a baby as both men and women might need a bit of help in being “ready for action” when the ovulation timetable say that it is time to have sex! Certainly, it is suggested that  both men and women may see an increase in sexual function and libido when using this product.

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