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Complete nutrition for mother and baby

Pregnacare Prenatal Supplements provide essential nutrition for both mother and baby. Pregnacare have developed a scientifically formulated prenatal supplement that contains 19 vitally important minerals and vitamins. As advised by the United Kingdom’s Department of Health, Pregnacare contains 10mcg of vitamin D and 400mcg of Folic Acid to support mothers during pregnancy and breastfeeding. All ingredient levels are moderate (not excessive) and within safe levels.

Pregnacare Supplements Provide the Recommended Levels of Folic Acid and Vitamin D

The United Kingdom’s Department of Health suggest that any woman planning on becoming pregnant should immediately commence taking a 400mcg Folic Acid supplement. This supplement should be taken from the moment of trying to conceive right through to the 12th week of pregnancy. Pregnacare Prenatal Supplements provide the recommended 400mcg of Folic Acid. It’s important to note that Folic Acid supplements are also beneficial beyond 12 weeks as they assist the pregnancy with maternal tissue growth.

Pregnacare Original Also Contains Key B-Group Vitamins and Important Minerals

The correct intake of vitamins and minerals prior to pregnancy, throughout pregnancy, and following pregnancy, cannot be overstated. Pregnacare Prenatal Supplements provide a measured range of nutrients to support both mother and baby during pregnancy and also as part of an after-pregnancy-care regime. The addition of B-Group vitamins, like B2, B6, and B12, are vitally important for the formation of red blood cells.

Pregnacare Prenatal Supplements: Careful to Avoid High Doses of Iron

All too often we see prenatal supplements containing large amounts of iron. This is not recommended, unless the mother-to-be has been specifically identified by their healthcare professional as being iron deficient. Pregnacare’s formulation contains a moderate level of iron, as recommended.

Taking Pregnacare Prior to Conception

It’s highly recommended that Pregnacare Prenatal Supplements be taken prior to conception to enable women to build up stores of important nutrients, such as iron. Good nutrition is vitally important as it helps a woman’s body prepare for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Nutrients like Zinc, Vitamin B12, and Folic Acid are specifically important and should be taken from conception, or even before conception. Vitamin B12 is important for the formation of red blood cells and plays a role in cell division, while zinc helps with fertility and reproduction.

Pregnacare: For Good Nutrition During Pregnancy

Pregnacare Supplements can be taken at any point before, during, and after pregnancy. We now know how vitally important good nutrition is for mothers before conception, during pregnancy, and after the birth of a baby. It’s true that the first 12 weeks are extremely important, but a healthy diet and good nutritional intake are important to both mother and baby throughout the entire pregnancy. Pregnacare Supplements provide the right amount of Folic Acid, which contributes to healthy blood formation. For any woman considering getting pregnant, we strongly suggest you start taking Pregnacare Prenatal Supplements right now, and continue taking them both through your pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

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