Zita West Vitamen – 30 Capsules


  • Vital for reproductive health
  • Vital for spermatogenesis and sperm motility
  • Vital for healthy cell division and integrity of DNA
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • One a day, 30 capsules
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Vitamen is a new and unique product that smartly combines the vitamins and minerals necessary for building healthy sperm in males. This powerful combination is crammed into a hard to forget and easy-to-use, one-a-day tablet. Its exceptional ingredients have given rise to our numerous years of expertise with assisting lots of the male population to be in the ideal nutritional form right before conception.

Vitamen comprises of Zinc and Selenium which according to numerous research has been proven crucial for healthy formation of spermatogenesis as well as sperm motility. Particularly, Zinc is present in sperm in high quantity and is a key component for its tail as well as the outer-layer. This new products also has numerous micro-nutrients that pray very vital roles in sperm health; for example, Vitamin D (it is vital for healthy cell division), Vitamin B6 (helps to support the male’s immune system) and Folic Acid.

The product additionally contains naturally effective antioxidants, like Vitamins E and C, which both assists in the protection of paternal DNA from oxidative harm. As is commonly said, healthy parents often give birth to healthy babies. Also healthy babies, generally, grow to be healthy kids and grownups.

Much importance is laid on how crucial the health and nutritional status of a woman is before and during pregnancy. However, the male is also as important as the woman to conception. In order to give birth to a well-formed baby, a healthy egg should also be accompanied by an excellent supply of well-formed mobile sperm. In recent years, the number of men suffering from low sperm count has gradually been on the rise. Research in recent times show that of one in four couples who suffer delay in conceiving, the major cause, in about 40% of the circumstances, comes from the male partner. Additional studies have revealed that about 80% of birth defects are a result of defective male sperm. But do not panic – a lot can be achieved by merely effecting changes on lifestyle and nutrition.

Unhealthy sperm, regardless of if it’s low sperm count, malformations or poor motility, can normally be enriched by improving the nutritional status and overall health of the male partner. However, it is more practical to begin this procedure as early as it can be done. It take about 10 weeks for sperm to fully develop to exit the body, so if you are planning to conceive, you need to begin no less than four months prior to conception taking place. This requires quitting smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs, avoiding hot baths, diagnosing for genito-urinary infections, no tight clothing, eating healthy diet and taking supplements, if prescribed, to help compensate for nutritional disparities. Consuming lots of water is also necessary – at least 2 liters daily. Sperm is made up of a large measure of water, so good, regular intake is crucial to the production process.

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