Best Sellers

Looking for inspiration? Start your shopping with some of our best-selling fertility products.

Regular Ovulation Tests (Normal Sensitivity – 30 mIU/mL)

Zoom Baby normal sensitivity ovulation tests come in two sizes – our regular ovulation tests are 3.5mm wide. We also have deluxe tests, which are 4 mm wide, making them a little bit easier to read and interpret.

Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Tests (20 mIU/mL)

If you have had problems in the past detecting your LH surge with a regular ovulation test, you may find that an extra-sensitive ovulation test is more suitable for everyday use. Please read our article which explains the differences between regular and extra-sensitive ovulation tests – Choosing the Best Ovulation Test for You

Fertility Lubricants

Many couples choose to use a fertility lubricant at the same time as using ovulation tests. Conceive Plus is our most popular fertility lubricant. We also offer Pre-Seed and Yes Baby.

Fertility Supplements

Zoom Baby offers a range of fertility supplements and vitamin that can help improve your chances of conceiving, We have products fro both both men and women. As a rule, we advise that you should start using these products as soon as you decide to try for a baby.