Ovulation Tests – Deluxe

Our Deluxe Ovulation Tests have been designed to be just that little bit better than most of the other Ovulation Tests that you might find on the internet or in shops. We make these tests just a little bit wider, 4.0mm wide in fact. This may not sound a lot but the extra-width of the test just makes it that bit easier to interpret the results of your ovulation test result.

All of or deluxe ovulation tests are manufactured using a higher-grade of card than a regular test, another feature that makes these tests just that bit easier to use than regular ovulation tests.

Our deluxe ovulation tests are designed to pick up your LH surge at a level of 30 mIU/ml . This type of test will suit most women.

Is a Deluxe Ovulation Test the Right One for Me?

Our deluxe ovulation tests have the same sensitivity as our regular ovulation tests. They are just that little bit easier to handle and interpret.

If you are not sure if a regular of extra-sensitive ovulation test is best for you, please read our article which explains the differences – Choosing the Best Ovulation Test for You

What Our Customers Say

Just to say that after 2 months of using the ovulation kits…….I am pregnant, this is after 1 year of trying. It’s early days for us, but hopefully everything will be okay. Thanks very much. – A.M.
I just wanted to say a massive thank you for offering such an easy to use product at affordable prices. I ordered ovulation kits in September/October time last year and was absolutely thrilled to learn that I was pregnant in November (again I used your pregnancy test). I am now preparing for the arrival of my baby in 11 weeks time – N.C.
Thank you so much for the ovulation kit. They must have been extremely accurate as we fell pregnant the first month of using them… after 3 months of trying. And the pregnancy was confirmed with the free pregnancy kits – also accurate! I would definitely recommend your services. – R.P.