Ovulation Test Strips – Regular

Zoom Baby Regular Ovulation Tests are our biggest selling product and we have been offering them to our customers for many years. Each Ovulation Test is 3.5 mm wide, which is the optimum size for regular testing and is wider than many of the cheap ovulation tests you might find elsewhere.

Our regular ovulation tests are designed to detect your LH surge at a level of 30 mIU/ml . This type of test will suit most women.

Is a Regular Ovulation Test the Right One for Me?

If you are not sure if a regular or extra-sensitive ovulation test is best for you, please read our article which explains the differences – Choosing the Best Ovulation Test for You

What Our Customers Say

I just wanted to say thank you for your great product and excellent service. Who would have thought that such a simple test could be so effective – I bought my first, and only pack of tests from you in August last year and fell pregnant the first month of trying – I am now expecting a baby girl in May. At 36 i was worried at how long it may take me to get pregnant, and I know that is a common worry of women my age so I recommend your tests to anyone who is looking to get pregnant – why leave it to chance – thank you. – J.D.
I would just like you to know that after 16 months of trying I bought your ovulation kits, which by the way was the fastest delivery I could have imagined and a very professional service (even over Christmas) and after 2 months I am finally pregnant!!! I have already recommended you to a friend who is also having difficulties, so carry on with the good work!!! Thank You xx – L.C.
We had been trying for our second child for 10 months. I had never tried Ovulation Kits before I came across Zoom Baby. The very first time we tried wham bang We’re pregnant!! I wish I had tried them earlier, it would have saved all the months of waiting. BIG TIP – Read every bit of the instruction leaflet!!! – E.G.