If you are trying for a baby, you may consider using Pre-Seed fertility lubricant. Pre-Seed was the first “fertility-friendly” lubricant to appear on the market. As an intimate moisturiser, it aids vaginal dryness by mimicking the body’s natural body secretions. It also provide an optimal environment for sperm. Pre-Seed is used in fertility clinics and recommended by fertility experts.

What Can Cause Vaginal Dryness?

Vaginal dryness affects many women.  Regular fluctuations in hormones can often lead to vaginal dryness, resulting in a need for extra vaginal lubrication. some common causes of vagina dryness can include:

  • the menstrual cycle
  • pregnancy
  • childbirth
  • nursing
  • times of emotional stress
  • and when using a condom.

Why use Pre-Seed ?

Pre-Seed is the first “fertility-friendly” Intimate Moisturiser that mimics natural body secretions to relieve vaginal dryness while providing an optimal sperm environment. Pre-seed’s moisture is delivered in a fluid with the same pH and osmolarity as semen and fertile cervical mucus, so as not to harm sperm, and to be mild to a woman’s body.

Pre-Seed contains a naturally occurring bioactive plant sugar (arabinogalactan) which provides antioxidant support to cells. Antioxidant levels can be severely decreased in semen from men with fertility problems leading to sperm damage. Pre-Seed is deposited inside to coat the vagina and external cervix and replenish nature’s moisture without harming sperm even while trying to conceive – a time of increased vaginal dryness when other personal lubricants should be avoided.

Pre-Seed has been fully clinically tested and doctor recommended.

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