Pregnancy Test Strips

These test are the very same ones used by the NHS and many GPs and hospitals in the UK. Available in REGULAR or ULTRA EARLY  versions.

  • Set to detect just 25miu/ml (Regular Pregnancy Tests)  or 10miu/ml (Early Pregnancy Tests) or HCG in urine
  • Individually packaged in sealed foil pouches
  • Easy to Use and over 99% Accurate
  • Supplied with easy to understand, “Plain English” instructions
  • Sent in unmarked packaging for your privacy

Pregnancy Test Strips - Regular Pregnancy Test Strips

Our Regular Pregnancy Test Strips are highly-reliable and are the sort used by most GP’s. They are NHS approved so you can be assured that they will give you accurate results.

Pregnancy Test Strips - Ultra Early Pregnancy Test Strips

Our Ultra Early 10mIU/ml can detect a pregnancy from as early as just 2 days after implantation/conception (though 4-6 days is more normal). This 10mIU/ml test is extremely sensitive and it is exactly the same one as by many hospitals.