Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests - Bundle 1

Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests – Bundle 1

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2 x Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests

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10 x ULTRA EARLY Pregnancy Tests


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This great value bundle from Zoom Baby brings together two of our best-selling pregnancy tests in one value combination.

What’s in the bundle?

2 x Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests
10 x Ultra Early Pregnancy Test Strips

When you go for this deal, you will save over 13% on the price of buying these products on their own.

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Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests

One of our favourite pregnancy tests from a top UK medical company. You cannot go too far wrong with these ultra early tests.

  • Fast, easy to read results in 3 minutes
  • Accurate Result: 99% accurate at first day of expected period.
  • Convenient: You can test at any time of the day but the test is most sensitive with first morning urine.
  • The test can be used as early as 5 days before your period is due. The test is most accurate on the day your period is due.
  • 33% more accurate than some other leading UK brands*

* at 4 days early


Question & Answers

How does the test work?

The Pregnancy Test identifies a hormone known as the hCG-human chorionic gonadotropin, which is produced by the body during pregnancy and present in your urine. This pregnancy hormone increases considerably as the pregnancy advances.

How long after I suspect that I am pregnant can I take the test?

You can take this test five days prior to when your period is due. This test currently has an accuracy percentage of 64%. Be that as it may, the test has a 99% accuracy score a day prior to your expected period.

Is it a must to test with first morning urine?

In spite of the fact that this test can be done whenever you are ready, the highest HCG concentration is usually present in the first morning urine in pregnant individuals. In the event that you chose to test during the early stages of pregnancy it is advisable you do so with testing your first morning urine. Try not to consume too much liquid prior to the test.

How do I know the test was successful?

If a coloured line shows up in the Control Region (C) then be assured your test was correctly done and successful.

Do I need to wait the full 3 minutes before reading my results?

Yes. Waiting to see if a coloured line shows up in the Test region (T) before you read the result is very essential. In spite of the fact that the line may show up quickly in the Control Region (C), it might take about 3 minutes before a line appears in the Test Region (T).

If I observe a line in both the Test and Control Regions, however one line is darker than the second, am I pregnant?

Yes. Regardless of the possibility that one line appears darker than its counterpart, the outcome confirms that you are pregnant.

I don’t know if I held the test in my urine stream for sufficient time. Will the results I get still be correct?

In the event that you see a coloured line in the Control Region (C), then the test was correctly done. To get correct results, the test has to be held in your urine stream for no less than 2 to 3 seconds, and then give it no less than 1 minute and at most 3 minutes to read the outcome.

How sensitive is the test?

The Pregnancy Test identifies the presence of HCG in urine of 15mlU/mL or more in concentration.

What should I do if the result is positive for pregnancy?

This implies that there is HCG present in your pee, meaning you are most likely pregnant. In the event that you performed an early test, we prescribe you take another the day your period is due to be certain of the results. Ensure to see a health specialist to confirm you are pregnant and to talk about your options.

Pregnancy Test Strips – Earlier Than Ever Before

Now you can know if you are pregnant or not as soon as one week after conception. With our ultra Early Pregnancy Tests, you do not have to wait for a missed period to get this important information. Not only can this almost immediate detection give you peace of mind, but it allows you to give your growing baby top level pre-natal care from the start.

The pregnancy test strips offer super-sensitive hormone reading just like doctors and hospitals use.

  • Reports a positive with just 10miu/ml HCG pregnancy hormone in urine
  • Safely sealed in individual packets for easy use and storage
  • Results clearly visible on the 3.5mm wide strips
  • Accuracy tested at 99% so your results are true every time
  • Simple, user-friendly instructions and intuitive use
  • Privacy assured as the test strips come in plain packaging

After conceiving, the fertilised embryo attaches to the lining of the uterus. A hormone called HCG is formed then and continues to be produced throughout pregnancy. This ultra-early pregnancy test can detect such a small amount of HCG that early results are possible. In most cases, that is around 5 days before next menstruation. As pregnancy progresses, the levels of HCG rise and the easier detection becomes.

Zoom Baby strips could not be easier to use. They come with simple instructions in the package. They can also be downloaded from the internet.

To use: Urinate into a clean cup or beaker. A disposable plastic cup is ideal for the pregnancy test. Dip the test strip into the urine. You will not have to wait more than 5 minutes for the clear results to show up.

Every pregnancy test strip from Zoom Baby is “just manufactured” and will not expire or lose efficacy for 1.5 to 2 years after purchase. They are always shipped using plain packages for your comfort and privacy.


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