20 Extra Sensitive Ovulation Tests & 2 Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Tests

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In a Zoom Baby Sample Bag, you get what are the best products for when you’re trying for a baby. Included in this sample bag are some Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Tests, along with 10 Extra Sensitive Ovulation Tests. To top it off, the sample bag includes a set of instructions so that you can effectively use the products which you’ve purchased.

The Contents of The Bag:
When you purchase a Zoom Baby Sample Bag from us, you will receive the following products:
– 20 Zoom Baby Extra Sensitive Ovulation Test Strips
– 2 Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Tests with a colour changing tip
– Instructions on how to use each of the products
– A discount code which can be used for your future purchases

We make your privacy a priority and so the sample bag will be shipped to you using discrete and plain packaging.

20 x Zoom Baby Extra Sensitive Ovulation Test Strips

Let’s start off by telling you that this exact brand of ovulation test strips is used by the NHS and many private GPs in the UK. They can be easily used, they are incredibly accurate, and they are very reliable.

Now, let’s dig into the chemistry behind these strips.

Prior to a female ovulating, a high volume of a hormone which is called Luteinising Hormone (LH) is released into her system. There is always the presence of LH in urine but at these times, the level of LH drastically increases. This causes an egg to be released from your ovaries. As you may know, this is the process known as ovulation.

If your urine shows high levels of LH then you’ll find that ovulation will take place within the following few days as this is when your body is most fertile. This is the optimal time for trying to conceive.

With the Zoom Baby Extra Sensitive Ovulation Test Strips, you are able to figure out when the optimal point is for ovulation based on the how much LH is detected. In comparison to other ovulation tests which are available (which detect at 30mlU / ml), these test strips will allow you to determine if you are reaching ovulation earlier on (and these detect at 20mlU / ml). The lower the detection level number , the more sensitive the test.

Each of the test strips are individually wrapped and have an expiration date printed on them. If you use the strips after their expiration date you may receive an inaccurate result.

2 x Clearblue Plus Pregnancy Tests

These pregnancy tests are undoubtedly the most accurate and easiest-to-use that you’ll find. After using the pregnancy test, you will find out if you have successfully gotten pregnant within a minute. On the other hand, if the test is negative, then you’ll find out after roughly three minutes.

There is no doubting how well designed these pregnancy tests are. For instance, the handle is ergonomically designed and after urinating on the tip of the pregnancy test, it will change colour within a few seconds; indicating that the pregnancy test has worked successfully.

If you suspect that you may be pregnant then these tests can be used fairly early. For the most accurate pregnancy test result (where the test will be 99% accurate), use the test on the expected day of your period. If you want to do the test earlier, then you may do so up to 5 days prior to the expected day of your period.

With the Zoom Baby Sample Bag, you will be given two of these Clearblue pregnancy tests.

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