FertiliTea: Fertility Tea, 60 Servings, Contains Agnus Castus


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What is FertiliTea?

FertiliTea is natural, it’s delicious, and it’s healthy. It’s a special tea that’s been designed to increase a woman’s chances of conceiving by supporting the entire reproductive system.

Designed by an internationally recognised fertility expert by the name of Amos Grunebaum MD, FertiliTea uses scientifically validated herbal ingredients to promote reproductive wellness and help restore female balance. Including the herb Vitex-Agnus Castus, Red Raspberry Leaf, and Chasteberry (Vitex), FertiliTea is the only known herbal tea offering a complete range of fertility-enhancing ingredients.

Vacuum sealed for freshness, each bag of FertiliTea consists of a one-month supply of completely organic ingredients. This nutritious herbal tonic has a lovely flavour with a refreshing aroma. FertiliTea really is the ideal tea to enjoy in the morning, evening, and anytime in-between.

Dr Grunebaum’s FertiliTea

Each and every ingredient in Doctor Grunebaum’s FertiliTea has been carefully chosen to increase your chances of conceiving by promoting reproductive wellness and thus supporting fertility. This enjoyable all-natural herbal tea has been created from only the very freshest organic, herbal ingredients; each one with its own fertility enhancing properties. Our customers love FertiliTea, not only because it promotes fertility, but because it has a soothing aroma and a lovely touch of mint!

Check out the Ingredients of FertiliTea!

To promote fertility and reproductive wellness, FertiliTea contains only the best quality herbal ingredients, such as –

  • Agnus Castus: helps restore female hormonal balance by stimulating the hormones involved in ovulation;
  • Green Tea: a powerful antioxidant known to promote fertility;
  • Red Raspberry Leaf: assists in toning the reproductive organs;
  • Nettle Leaf: rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and calcium; and
  • Ladies Mantle: regulates your monthly cycle.

FertiliTea is a fertility-enhancing tea containing only natural and organic ingredients!


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