Ask Your GP to Refer You for a 12 Week FREE Course at Slimming World!

Losing weight is not easy! Unfortunately, being overweight can seriously affect your health, and of course it can affect a woman’s chances of conceiving. The good news is that, with a referral from your GP, you may qualify for a FREE 12-week course at Slimming World.

The joining fee at Slimming World normally costs approximately £10, with a meeting fee of £4.95. This is a saving to you of approximately £70. If you believe your weight is affecting your chances of conceiving and/or creating complications during pregnancy, labour, and even childbirth, why not speak to your local GP about the 12 week FREE course at Slimming World? And, it’s not only women that are affected by being overweight: fertility can also be affected in men who are overweight. Hormonal changes and insulin resistance are just two issues that can be created in both men and women who are trying to conceive.

When you attend Slimming World you will not only lose weight, you’ll also notice the reversal of issues such as hormonal changes and insulin resistance; not to mention all the other wonderful health benefits of weight loss, including the reduced risk of diabetes and gestation (pregnancy) diabetes.

Many GPs in the United Kingdom have referred their patients to Slimming World, with the exciting result that both men and women have successfully lost weight by following their plan and attending a support group. Following the FREE 12-week course, most of these patients continue attending Slimming World and continue losing weight and regaining good health. Most referrals to Slimming World and made by a general practitioner, a midwife, or a nurse; however, not all GPs are currently offering this service. We strongly suggest that, if you are overweight and you believe this is affecting not only your general health but your ability to conceive, you should speak to your GP about this amazing offer from Slimming World.

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