Ovulation Test FAQ

ovulation test FAQ

The Zoom Baby Ovulation Test FAQ aims to answer some of the questions you may have about ovulation testing. For those new to the process, ovulation testing can seem daunting at first but it is actually fairly straightforward. Once you know what you are doing, predicting ovulation becomes a breeze! 🙂 What Does an Ovulation … Read more

Getting Pregnant with PCOS

Getting Pregnant with PCOS

What Is PCOS? Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a hormone-related medical condition that affects women. Some of the symptoms of PCOS include: Irregular or no menstrual periods Hirsutism (excess hair growth) Acne Weight gain or weight loss without dieting Living With PCOS: Beyond Fertility PCOS is not just about fertility issues; it is a multifaceted … Read more

How to take a Home Sperm Test

How to take a Home Sperm Test

New data shows there’s been a huge increase in the request for home sperm testing, while clinic research indicates that men now represent half of all fertility cases. A 2017 study revealed that, over the past decade, there’s been a doubling in the percentage of men requiring fertility treatment, with the figure increasing from 12.4% … Read more

How Accurate Are Clearblue Pregnancy Tests?

The History Behind Clearblue Clearblue pregnancy tests have been around since the late 1980s. Many people believe the brand is American but it was actually a UK firm called Unipath that first launched the Clearblue brand in 1987. At the time, home pregnancy testing was not at easy as it is now. To check for … Read more

Periods: Your Body’s Monthly Saga

Periods: Your Body's Monthly Saga

Let’s talk about periods. You know, that monthly visitor that can make you feel like a superhero one day and a grumpy cat the next? Yeah, that one. Your menstrual cycle is a bit like a long-running TV series. It starts with a dramatic pilot episode in your teens, hits its stride in your twenties, … Read more

How to Take a First Response Pregnancy Test

Take a First Response Pregnancy Test

If you’re looking for the gold standard of pregnancy tests, look no further than the First Response Early Results test. This home pregnancy test is a clear favourite of many women. Fertility experts also turn to the First Response test when the need arises. Many see this as the best First Response pregnancy test. One … Read more

6 Easy Ways to Get Pregnant Quicker

6 Easy Ways to Get Pregnant Quicker

Would you like to get pregnant quicker? Plenty of women would, but there is no set-in-stone method of conceiving faster. What works for some, doesn’t work for others. However, that doesn’t mean you need to stop trying. There are certain methods that can help you get pregnant quicker, and here are five of them. Understand … Read more