Where to buy Cheap Ovulation Test Kits?

Where to buy Cheap Ovulation Test Kits?

Trying to choose which ovulation test to buy can be a very daunting experience if you’ve never done it before. The wide range of tests available, all making different claims to reliability and chances of success, means that it is not that easy to compare like for like. However, there are bargains to be had … Read more

Are Cheap Ovulation Tests Reliable?

Are Cheap Ovulation Tests Reliable?

So, Are Cheap Ovulation Tests Worth Buying? You may have seen that cheap ovulation tests are appearing in supermarkets, pound shops and on the web.  Everybody likes a bargain and it can be very tempting, when the price is right to buy cheap ovulation tests. The big question is though, are cheap ovulation tests any … Read more

How Does the Toothpaste Pregnancy Test Work?

It’s no secret that pregnancy tests can be a tad pricey and as a result, a lot of women have started to create their own “homemade pregnancy tests” using toothpaste. Although there have been no scientific studies to back up the claim, a lot of people are claiming that this homemade method works. This craze, … Read more

Ava Fertility Wristband

Ava Fertility Bracelet

With this new “Fitbit for Fertility”, you can find out when your ideal time to get pregnant will be. Since the launch of the Apple Watch, many years ago, technology has taken a leap forward. Some wristbands can be used to answer calls, others can track health and fitness related data, and now there’s a … Read more

Should a Fertility Lubricant Be Used When Trying to Conceive?

fertility lubricants

The purpose of this article is to determine whether it’s safe, or even advisable, to use a fertility lubricant when trying to conceive. As it appears there is much confusion around this question, we’ll discuss the difference between commercially available sex lubricants and fertility lubricants, and whether experts recommend the use of a lubricant when … Read more

5 Ways You Can Get Ready to Get Pregnant

Are you thinking of having a baby?  While women get pregnant all the time without any advice or help, but if you are anxious to get pregnant, here are some things that can help. Be Familiar with Your Body Think back to high school biology.  If you paid attention, you’ll remember some of this.  Women … Read more

Can Prenatal Vitamins Help You Get Pregnant?

prenatal vitamins

Adding to your family is an exciting event for any couple, but it can be stressful if months or even years roll by with no baby. Sometimes all it takes is time, but getting pregnant faster is often top of the list for would-be parents. If you’re hoping to add a little one to your … Read more