Freedom Pregnancy Test Review

freedom pregnancy test review

Freedom is another one of those brands of pregnancy test that you will find at the cheaper end of the market.  The Freedom Pregnancy Test, which we are reviewing here, can be bought in supermarkets, as well as online.  Often, this test is offered as a budget option. For example, you will find it at … Read more

Which Is Better, Pre-Seed or Conceive Plus?

Here’s an old, but interesting thread on the baby centre forum. The question being discussed Pre-Seed or Conceive Plus?……  Take some time to read the thread, Conceive Plus certainly gets a good write-up: “Used Conceive Plus this month and got BFP today. Was very comfortable and nice feeling for both.” “I have been using Conceive … Read more

Pre-Seed Discount Code

Pre-Seed Discount Code

Many visitors to the Zoom Baby website arrive looking for the cheapest Pre-Seed in the UK. Whilst we can never promise that, we always try to offer the lowest price, compared to our competitors online, as well as in the shops. Our Pre-Seed discount code will give you an extra 10% off at the checkout. … Read more

Smoking and Alcohol When Trying to Conceive

Trying to Conceive? The Do’s and Don’ts of Smoking and Alcohol

Most pregnant women are aware of the things they shouldn’t do when they’re already pregnant; things like drinking alcohol, smoking, drinking caffeine, and so on. But what are the do’s and don’ts for women who are trying to conceive? Healthcare professionals will always suggest that couples trying to conceive make healthy choices right now, because … Read more

How to Conceive a Baby Boy

Over the past 25 years countless couples have turned towards the Shettles method for finding out the secret of how to conceive a baby boy. And with a 75% rate of success, this method has blessed thousands of couples with a boy they always wished for. In fact there are some researchers who claim the … Read more

The Best Fertility Lubricant For You

When you are trying to conceive it is vitally important that couples use a sperm friendly lubricant rather than a regular lubricant, such as KY Jelly, when making love. Clinical studies have shown that the use of regular lubricants when trying to conceive is not advisable. Many vaginal lubricants have been found to inhibit the … Read more

Can You Buy Conceive Plus at Boots?

buy conceive plus at boots

In the UK, Boots is the first choice for many when it comes to buying personal healthcare products on the high street. This famous high street brand offers many thousands of products. Some are obvious, some less so. But a question we are sometimes asked is, Can You Buy Conceive Plus at Boots? Fertility Products … Read more

How to Use Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant

Pres Seed Zoom Baby

What is Pre-Seed? A sperm physiologist created Pre-Seed fertility lubricant to give sperm an environment that is safe and friendly so that it would not be hindered or damaged as it travels to the egg for fertilisation. It was created at a time when there weren’t any other safe options when attempting to conceive.  It … Read more

Getting a Free Pregnancy Test Locally

free pregnancy tests

We all like something that’s free, don’t we? After all, pregnancy tests can be expensive when you buy them in the shops, so any chance of a free pregnancy test would be great, wouldn’t it? Here at Zoom Baby we sell pregnancy tests, so it’s probably not in our best interests to tell you where … Read more

Can You Buy Pre-Seed at Boots?

buy pre-seed at boots

We love Pre-Seed. It’s a fantastic product and why would you be without it when you are trying to conceive? But can you buy it in the shops? If the time is right but you’ve run out of fertility lubricant, can you run down to the shops and buy Pre-Seed at Boots? So, does Boots … Read more