Babystart FertilTests Twin Test pack


  • Fertility screening tests for couples planning a pregnancy – Do a test from the comfort of your own home.
  • These simple to use screening tests enable couples to determine if it is possible, they have reduced fertility.
  • 2 x FertilCheck – this is a home screening test for women that works by detecting raised levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in urine, which can be an indication of reduced ovarian reserve.
  • 2 x FertilCount – this is a simple to use, home sperm testing kit, that measures whether sperm concentration.
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The BabyStart FertilCheck Combi Pack is a home test kit that measures the levels of Fertility for both men and women. There are 2 female fertility tests and 2 male fertility tests included in this pack.

  • Test in the privacy of your own home at a time that suits you
  • Immediate results show if fertility treatment is necessary
  • Could save months when trying for a baby
  • Smple and easy to use
  • A lot less expensive than attending a fertility clinic

The BabyStart FertilCheck Plus test kit has been specially developed to help couples plan for a baby and to help alleviate problems when trying to conceive. Results appear just 10 minutes after testing.

So what exactly is the babystart FertilCheck Plus Combi Pack?

Specially designed for couples who are looking to start a family, the babystart FertilCheck Plus is an easy-to-use home fertility testing kit for both men and women. Inside the pack you will find four tests – 2 for the man and 2 for the woman. Also included is a brief guide to fertility with full instructions on how to use both kits. The test is CE approved safe for home use and has been proven to be accurate to over 97%.

How do the babystart FertilCheck Plus tests work?

Sperm count is widely recognised as the major indicator of the fertility in men. The male test is designed to identify if sperm concentration is above 20 million/ml or below 20 million/ml. The test stains the cells in your sperm produce a colour in a pre-treated sample well. By comparing the intensity of the colour in the sperm sample well against a colour reference chart, it is possible to determine the concentration of sperm. A sperm concentration lower than 20 million/ml can be taken as a preliminary diagnosis of male infertility.

The female test measures follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). A woman’s fertility starts to decline after she gets to 30 and the decline gradually accelerates until she gets to menopause. This reduction in fertility is reflected in a similar gradual increase in the hormone FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). Rising levels of FSH tend to be associated with reduced fertility. The female test measures follicle stimulating hormone. Positive and negative lines on the provided midstream test can inform you whether you are in the pre-menopausal stage or if your fertility levels are low.

How easy to use is the Male Fertility Test in the babystart FertilCheck Plus Combi Pack?

This really is a simple test to use. Provide a sample of sperm in the cup provided with the kit. Wait for 15 minutes, then put the semen and the solution together into the test cassette. The result will tell you if your sperm sample is above or below the WHO fertility level of 20 million per ml.

How easy to use is the Female Fertility Test in the babystart FertilCheck Plus Combi Pack?

The female fertility test is also very simple to use. This test measures a woman’s FSH levels. To carry out the test, just remove the cap from the midstream device and hold the absorbent tip of the test in your urine stream for at least 10 second. The result will then appear.

How reliable are the results?

The babystart FertilCheck Plus Twin Pack is easy to use, accurate and can give results in about 10 minutes. It is CE marked for home use and provides highly accurate results – the male test should be 97% accurate. The female test is proven to be 99% accurate.


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