Basal Ovulation Thermometer – Bundle 2

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Digital Basal Thermometer

  • Simple, Reliable and Accurate
  • CE approved
  • °C (Celsius)
  • Digital Basal Thermometer reads to 2 decimal places
  • Makes it easy to chart your temperature during your cycle
  • FREE BBT Charts sent with each thermometer

Free BBT Chart - Fahrenheit or Centigrade × 3

20 EXTRA-SENSITIVE Ovulation Tests

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This great value bundle from Zoom Baby brings together two of our most popular fertility products in one, money-saving bundle.

What’s in the bundle?

1 x Basal Ovulation Thermometer (Fahrenheit)
3 x BBT Fertility Plan Charts
20 x Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Test Strips

When you go for this deal, you will save over 13% on the price of buying these products on their own.

More about these products:

Basal Ovulation Thermometer (Fahrenheit)

Are you considering monitoring your basal body temperature (BBT) to figure out your ovulation? A Basal Thermometer is your best bet. Finding out your ovulation period will help you to appropriately plan out your sexual intercourse for increased chances of conception

  • Basic Features of OUR Basal Thermometer
  • Broad and easy-to-read display
  • Fahrenheit reading
  • Digital Recall Memory of previous reading
  • Peak temperature indicator
  • Can be used orally, rectally or placed under the armpit
  • Accuracy
  • CE certified
  • Basal Thermometer comes with storage box, free BBT table, and manual

What Does BBT Mean?
BBT is the acronym for Basal Body Temperature. This shows your body temperature when you are at rest.

Why Should I Always Check My Temperature?
During ovulation, a woman experiences an increase in body temperature. This heat creates an ideal (more fertile) environment for conception. Proper monitoring of the change in temperature would help you to figure out the exact time of ovulation in your circle. Daily checkup of your body temperature with a basal body temperature helps for easy prediction of ovulation.

How Do I Check my Temperature?
Ensure you orally check your temperature as soon as you wake up; even before you get out of bed in the morning. It is recommended that you put your thermometer by your bed before you sleep, so you can reach out to it before stepping out of bed because getting up from your bed increases body temperature. Take note of the temperature you got. Rise in temperature usually occurs after ovulation and may not drop until your next monthly circle.

How Do I Figure Out My BBT?
You can do this with the use of a reliable clinical thermometer. You may want to use a digital thermometer that measures up to 2 decimal places, making your BBT easy to read.

Where Should I Place The Thermometer While Measuring My BBT?
A lot of women prefer to place the BBT beneath the tongue as it seems to be easier and more effective.

For How Long Should the Digital Thermometer Remain Under My Tongue?
Some high-ended thermometers give a notification beep as soon as they reach a steady temperature. This feature makes it pretty easy to know when to take off the thermometer, and this happens after about 1 0r 2 minutes.

What Should I do With The BBT Result?
The BBT result would be represented on a temperature chart. This will give you a clear view of the pattern.

Is There Anything To Avoid During This Period?
Since daily activities such as drinking, eating, smoking, talking, and moving around, increases body temperature, try to do the check before you begin your activities for the day. If it were possible, you would get the best result while half asleep.

Besides Ovulation, What Could Be a Factor Behind My Basal Temperature Rising?
Ailments that causes fever can increase your resting temperature, proving false basal temperature and creating a problematic interpretation of result.

How Can I Determine My Fertile Time With BBT Charting?
Your basal temperature chart helps you figure out if and the right timing for ovulation.The term Ovulation is used to describe the release of an ovum (egg) from the ovary. This normally occurs once in a menstrual circle. Conception is possible only when sexual intercourse occurs closely before, in the course of, or immediate after ovulation Accurate recording of basal temperature as soon as you wake up in the morning will help you notice a form of temperature instability in your monthly circle. When there is an upward move in basal temperature, it indicates fertility or ovulation

Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Strips

When trying to conceive, it’s critical that you’re very precise when pinpointing your ovulation date, which is the day in your cycle when the egg is released. If you’re wondering why this is so important, it’s because fertilisation can only occur within 6 to 24 hours after ovulation. So, you can see that accurately determining your ovulation date should be at the very top of your to-do list when you’re trying to conceive!

An ovulation test strip is possibly the most reliable method of predicting ovulation: this is a urine-based test which detects the sudden but brief increase in luteinising hormone in your urine, which occurs immediately prior to ovulating. This is known as the “LH Surge”.

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests

When you want to conceive, it is critical to identify the day in your cycle when your egg is released or the ovulation date. This is important since fertilisation only happens within 6 to 24 hours of ovulation. This is why pinpointing the right ovulation date should be one of the most important things on your “to do” list when trying to conceive.

The ovulation strip is a proven method of predicting ovulation. This urine-based test identifies the “LH Surge” which is the brief spike in the luteinizing hormone found in the urine just prior to ovulation.

For those who need to test frequently, the Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are ideal since they are very accurate, user-friendly and much cheaper than the pharmacy brands. The cheap inferior brands available online are only 2.5 mm wide, but our 3.5 mm ovulation tests are the ideal width for showing the results.

High Sensitivity Ovulation Tests
Did you have a problem reading your LH surge using regular ovulation tests? If so, these highly-sensitive ovulation tests might be the perfect solution for daily use. With an accuracy rate of over 99% and the LH detection level being only 20 miu/ml, these strips are much more sensitive compared to other tests, therefore, more accurately identifying your optimal fertility window.

Ovulation Test Directions
Once you have collected a small container of urine, dip the tip of the strip for a minimum of 5 seconds. After that, lay it on a flat surface and the results will be ready to read in 5 minutes. Each test is delivered with full instructions.

Hospital and doctors in the UK use tests that are identical to the Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests. Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are “just manufactured” and are shipped in foil packages wrapped individually. They have an expiration date of about 1 year from date of purchase.


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