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9 Reasons Why You Should Take Folic Acid Before Pregnancy

Folic Acid: 9 Reasons Why You Should Take It Before Pregnancy

For many people pregnancy just happens. However, there are necessary health concerns that should be considered before a mother becomes pregnant. This ensures a healthy mother before, during and after the pregnancy. It also ensures normal foetus development. Taking a folic acid rich diet or supplements is one such consideration that all mothers should take into account. What are the other health benefits of taking folic acid before pregnancy? Before that what is folic acid? Folic acid is one of the many types of vitamins in the Vitamin B group. It is a water soluble vitamin. Like other water soluble
Thrush During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Thrush During Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Thrush is a yeast infection caused by Candida overgrowth. Pregnancy increases risk due to hormone changes, higher blood sugar, dampened immunity, increased blood flow, and vaginal flora changes. Symptoms include vaginal itching, soreness, and white discharge. If untreated, thrush can spread and lead to complications. Safe treatments include antifungal creams, pessaries, probiotics, and tea tree oil. Prevent thrush by maintaining vaginal hygiene, wearing cotton underwear, avoiding prolonged antibiotics, eating less sugar, and cleaning properly. Seek prompt treatment and tell your doctor if symptoms persist after treatment.
Ovulation Microscopes: The Key to Effective Fertility Charting

Ovulation Microscopes: The Key to Effective Fertility Charting

During each of her menstrual cycle, a woman’s fertility occurs within only a few numbers of days. Since her egg life span is only a short duration of 24 hours, prediction of her ovulation is crucial to conception. When I worked with some of my patients, I recommend certain various practices and methods, one of which is the maintenance of a fertility chart on daily basis. Fertility charting can be used by a woman for monitoring the wellness of her reproductive system, for understanding the nuances of her menstrual cycle and for correct identification of the time she has the
BMI and Fertility

BMI: How Your Weight Affects Fertility

Are you trying to get pregnant or thinking about it? Your fertility could be affected by how much you exercise or don't exercise. Most people are not aware that infertility could be impacted by exercise, but exercising too much might delay or even stop you from getting pregnant. It has been proven that obesity could have a negative impact on your health for males and females. Are you aware the too much exercise along with low body weight (BMI) could also negatively impact fertility? What is BMI? The measure of the body fat, according to the weight and height of
When Will My Baby Bump Show Up?

Baby Bump Basics: When Will You Start Showing?

Getting a positive pregnancy test is an exciting moment. But it also leaves expectant mums with lots of questions about the upcoming months. One common question is: when will my baby bump begin to show? The timeline varies quite a bit for each woman. In general, doctors say you can expect to start showing somewhere between the late first trimester and mid second trimester. That's around 12 to 20 weeks pregnant. But there's a wide range of what's considered normal. Some women show sooner and others show later. Factors That Affect When You'll Show There are a few key factors