Conceive Plus

Conceive Plus fertility lubricant is a popular choice for trying to conceive couples as it can increase the enjoyment and chances of getting pregnant naturally. It contains magnesium and calcium ions, which are essential to prolonging sperm viability and motility.

This great lubricant is safe for everyday use and can be used alongside Zoom Baby ovulation tests to help enhance your chances of getting pregnant quickly!

Why Should You Use Conceive Plus?

Regular lubricants kill or harm sperm, forming a barrier to sperm motility and effectively hindering the chances of sperm reaching the egg. Conceive Plus preserves sperm motility and is scientifically formulated to allow the complete mixing of sperm. The gentle formulation of Conceive Plus matches fertile cervical liquid and semen to create a conception-friendly environment that increases the chances of pregnancy naturally.

Conceive Plus Fertility Lubricant is pH and electrolyte balanced to imitate the body’s own natural fluids and is completely safe for sperm and embryo development. It also helps with the fertilisation process to increase your chances of actually getting pregnant.

Who Can Use Conceive Plus?

Any couple that wants to have a baby can use Conceive Plus. If you are only just getting ready to conceive or have been trying to get pregnant for a long time, Conceive Plus can help. It is safe for daily use and can be used at the same time as Ovulation Tests.

Buy Conceive Plus

Our most popular fertility lubricant is available to buy in tubes (30ml or 75ml) or in special pre-Filled applicators (3 pack or 8 pack).

Conceive Plus Bundle Deals

We put together some extra special & super cheap Conceive Plus deals we think that you might like! All of these combinations offer great value for money and are ideal for couples that are looking to improve their chances of getting pregnant.

What Our Customers Say

Love this stuff! Having used other lubricant before and not knowing it reduced your chances of conceiving this is the second bottle of conceive plus I’ve bought and it’s great! Not as thick as conventional lube and you have to use more but if it helps then it’s worth it. The order arrived quickly and this is the best price I’ve seen it. – Michelle H.