Her Second Little Bundle

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20 DELUXE Ovulation Tests

4mm wide tests for easy interpretation and reliability!

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4 x REGULAR Pregnancy Tests

A pack of 4 Regular Pregnancy Tests.

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Digital Basal Thermometer

  • Simple, Reliable and Accurate
  • CE approved
  • °C (Celsius)
  • Digital Basal Thermometer reads to 2 decimal places
  • Makes it easy to chart your temperature during your cycle
  • FREE BBT Charts sent with each thermometer
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Free BBT Chart - Fahrenheit or Centigrade

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This ZOOM BABY DELUXE Conception Pack is a real customer favourite. This size of pack gives you plenty of tests to play with. It’s a great value combination deal. When you choose this option you get:

20 x ZOOM BABY DELUXE Ovulation Tests

4 x standard sensitivity Pregnancy Tests (25 miU/ml)

1 x High Accuracy Digital Fertility Thermometer, BBT instructions & BBT chart

Save £££s on the price of these items bought separately.


Why choose this Conception Pack?

This size of pack gives you enough ovulation tests to easily pick up your LH surge in a single cycle. Remember when you are near the LH surge, you might be testing a few times a day, so a larger pack of tests is vital if you want to avoid missing your LH surge!

You will also need Pregnancy Tests. We include standard sensitivity ones with this pack. If you want early pregnancy tests instead, their is an option at checkout where you can upgrade for just 99p!

Finally, you get a Basal Body Thermometer with full instructions and a FREE BBT chart.

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests really work!

Read some of our testimonials from happy, pregnant customers!.

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4 x REGULAR Pregnancy Tests




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