Female Fertility Cassette Tests

Zoom Baby Female Fertility Cassette Tests are suitable for you to use at home and measure the levels of F.S.H. in a sample of your urine (includes 3 tests). High levels of F.S.H. can signal that your body is entering menopause.

Who is this test for?

If you are a woman who suspects that they have reached menopause or a showing signs of post menopause, this kit is for you. Feelings of tiredness, irritability or feeling down, hot flushes, night sweats, moods swings and irregular periods can all be indicators of the onset of menopause.

Testing for the onset of menopause will allow you to prepare and manage your symptoms, as required, whether it be with hormone replacement, natural remedies or diet and exercise.

Menopause Kit Features

Each pack contains 3 test cassettes. Each one is used one week apart.

The test kit offers a very reliable early indication of whether FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is present in the urine and at what level.

The menopause test is easy to use and the instructions are simple to follow – ideal for home testing.

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