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The FertilMate Scrotum Cooling Patch is a specially designed hydrogel pad with natural l-menthol used to provide the cooling effect. The cooling patch has a pleasant aroma and a slim flexible, non-messy format. It is easily trimmed and shaped for use on all sizes of scrotum and comes in a re-sealable bag, with no need for refrigeration.

The patches help maintain an optimal temperature which is an important factor beneficial to spermatogenesis. This natural, long-lasting method helps cooling right where you need it.

Sperm development is called spermatogenesis. Each spermatogenesis cycle has about six stages. The duration of each cycle is about 16 days. Five cycles are required to produce one mature sperm. Therefore, it takes approximately 86 days for a complete spermatogenetic cycle. Because the process is so complex, any illness or prolonged raised testicular temperature events during the first cycle could affect sperm formation and these events tend to affect ALL the sperm, not just one or two.

We recommend you use 2 patches per day. Wear the first patch for 6-8 hours during the day before replacing with a second patch for a further 6-8 hour period during sleep. You will immediately feel a cool or slightly ‘tingly’ sensation and this effect will last for 2-4 hours, while the soothing effect will last much longer.

How To Use

Easy to use: Take a patch from the sachet and using the fabric side next to the skin, check for size and orientation. The patch can be cut to shape if necessary. When the size and orientation is decided, peel away the clear plastic backing. Stretch the patch slightly as you apply the gel side of the patch to the scrotum. Mould the patch to the required shape by cupping the scrotum with your hand. The patch will adhere to the area naturally, especially if immediately used under clothing. There is no need to shave the scrotum as the patch will work as effectively over hair and will remove easily without sticky or greasy residue.

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