Pregnacare Stretch Cream – 100ml


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Stretch marks can occur anywhere on the body, especially where the skin has been stretched. The lower layer of skin contains collagen and elastin, which provides the skin with its elasticity, and it’s this layer that reacts to rapid weight gain or loss by producing stretch marks. You may be interested to know that stretch marks’ purple appearance is caused by small blood vessels just below the surface of the skin becoming more visible as the skin stretches.

The Special Formulation of Pregnacare Stretch Cream

Pregnacare Stretch Cream was created specifically to protect and nourish stretching skin during a woman’s pregnancy. This safe and effective cream has been carefully formulated with Vitamins C and E, D-Panthenol, and Botanical Extracts to care for and moisturise expanding skin during pregnancy. Because Pregnacare Stretch Cream also contains Evening Primrose Oil, Aloe Vera, and Natural Plant Extract of Calendula, it’s also ideal to use following pregnancy as the gentle, rich cream helps the contracting skin stay supple. Containing no artificial colours, this beautiful cream has a natural, gentle, citrus and lavender fragrance.

Pregnacare Stretch Cream Is Safe to Use Both during and after Pregnancy

Continue using Pregnacare Stretch Cream after your pregnancy to help the skin that’s contracting stay supple. Trials of pregnant women in the United Kingdom revealed that 73% reported their skin was softer and more-supple after just two weeks of using Pregnacare Stretch Cream. This cream is effective and completely safe to use.


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