Ovulation Tests - Extra-Sensitive

Not all women are the same, obviously! For this reason we also offer Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Tests, as well as our range of standard Ovulation Tests.

Our Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Tests are designed for use by women who may have irregular cycles, or long cycles that might vary from month-to-month. The are also useful for women who might might have conditions that can affect when ovulation takes place.

Our extra-sensitive ovulation tests are set to detect your LH surge at a level of 20 mIU/ml.

Is an Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Test the Right One for Me?

If you have had problems in the past detecting your LH surge with a regular ovulation test, you may find that an extra-sensitive ovulation test is more suitable for everyday use. Please read our article which explains the differences between regular and extra-sensitive ovulation tests – Choosing the Best Ovulation Test for You