Sensitive Midstream Ovulation Tests

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Simple, easy-to-use, pee-on-a-stick type Ovulation Tests. Extra Sensitive 20 mIU/ml tests.

Knowing when you ovulate – the most fertile time of your monthly cycle – is very helpful when you are trying to conceive. The Zoom Baby Midstream Ovulation Test can help you to identify exactly when you are about to ovulate so that you can time your love making to coincide with this period of high fertility.

Each ovulation test works by detecting the rapid rise of Luteinising Hormone (LH) that takes place just prior to ovulation. Each test can identify this spike, which typically occurs 24-48 hours before ovulation, with 99% accuracy. A positive ovulation test will indicate that intercourse over the next 1-2 days will give you the best chance of getting pregnant in that monthly cycle.

Using the Zoom Baby Midstream Ovulation Test is easy: Simply take off the protective cap from the ovulation test and place the absorbent tip of the test in your urine stream for ten seconds. Put the the cap back on and lay the test on a flat surface with the reading window pointing up. After waiting for three minutes, the results will be visible. If the result tests positive, it means that your fertility is at its highest.


What Does a Positive Ovulation Test Result Look Like?
A positive result (meaning that the LH surge has been picked up and that ovulation should take place within 24-48 hours) is one in which the intensity of the “test” line is equal to or greater than the intensity of the “control” line.

What Does a Negative Ovulation Test Result Look Like?
When the test result is negative, the chances that you will be fertile in the next two days are slim. You will not be able to spot any test line. Even if you spot a test line, its intensity will be much lesser when compared to that of the control line.

To determine when you should begin testing with the Zoom Baby Ovulation Test, refer to the chart below. Continue testing daily until a positive result has been obtained.

Midstream Ovulation Test Chart


Are the midstream tests reusable or do I need to use 1 per day while testing?
The Zoom Baby Midstream Ovulation Test is a one-time use only device.

Can you use this ovulation kit on women with irregular cycles as well?
Yes, women with irregular cycles can use these ovulation tests as well, however, they may end up using more tests in one cycle than women with regular cycles.

Is it better to try an ovulation test twice per day as opposed to just once?
The Zoom Baby Ovulation Test instructions call for testing once per day; however, some people do elect to test twice per day given that the LH surge can be brief, and factors like urine dilution can impact testing results.

If you elect to test twice per day, try to test at the same times each day (i.e. once in late morning and once in early evening).

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Sharon Dando

    I like these test so far and prefer them to the test strips I was using before. Much simplet now just pee and wait for the result.

    Quick delivery to the USA was a bonus!

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