babystart FertilCount Male Fertility Tests – 2 Pack


  • An easy to use screening test designed to help measure sperm concentration
  • No embarrassing situations – test from the comfort of your own home!
  • Extremely Accurate and easy to use
  • Saves months of trying for a baby, Gives a Truer Picture of Male Fertility measuring motility & concentration
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The babystart FertilCount Male Fertility test is a rapid diagnostic test of sperm concentration in semen The kit will let you know within minutes if you are potentially fertile.

This simple, easy to use fertility test kit allows you to test at home without the need or embarrassment of a trip to a clinic or hospital. After collecting a fresh sample of semen you can test at a time that suits you best.

  • 97% accuracy
  • Results will appear in less than 15 minutes
  • Test in the privacy of your own home at a time that suits you
  • 2 tests contained in each pack
  • Simple and easy to use

Inside the babystart Fertilcount pack you will find a plastic cup, re-sealable pouch, a test cassette, a plastic dropper, 2 sample wells and a reference well. With 97% accuracy, results show up within minutes.

Why is the babystart Fertilcount test the right choice for me?

Fertility levels and sperm motility are affected by many health factors. Regular use of alcohol, nicotine and recreational drugs can have a detrimnetal affect on fertility. Similarly, regularly sitting for long periods at a time or working with certain chemicals can also have an adverse affect. If you are unsure wether your lifestyle habits have affected your reproductive system, we strongly advise take the babystart Fertilcount test.

Is the babystart Fertilcount test easy to use?

Yes. The Fertilcount test is really simple to use and comes with a step-by-step, easy to follow set of instructions. The first step is to collect a sample of semen by masturbating directly into the plastic liquefaction cup that comes with the kit. We advise that your refrain from ejaculating for 3 days before taking the test as this will give a more accurate test result. Once a sample is in the cup, put on the lid and wait for 15 minutes before testing. Make sure you perform the test within 12 hours.

Next, open the foil pack in the babystart Fertilcount pack and remove the items inside it. Place the test cassette on a level surface with the sample wells facing up. Hold and squeeze together the plastic dropper in its middle. Place the tip of the dropper into your semen sample and slowly release your hold on the dropper so that the semen is drawn into the dropper.

Gently squeeze the dropper adding 1 drop of semen to Test Well B, then let the drop soak in for 2 minutes. Add 2 drops of blue solution to the same Test Well. Let the drops soak in for 2 minutes. Add 2 drops of clear solution to the Test Well B. Let the drops soak in for 2 minutes.

How will I know what the results mean?

Results are shown by the colour intensity of Test Well B when compared with the colour of Well A. A positive result will be shown if the blue colour seen in Test Well A is the same as or darker than Reference Well A. This means your sperm count is equal to or greater than 20 million per ml. A negative result will be shown if the colour in Test Well B is a lighter blue colour in the Reference Well A. This means your sperm count is less than 20 million per ml. which is clinically recognised as a low sperm count.

What should I do if I am unsure of the results shown by the babystart Fertilcount?

If you have never used a fertility testing kit before and are unsure of your results, you should also take the second test provided within babystart Fertilcount pack. Wait until at least 3 days later but not more than 7 days to do the second test. If both tests have shown up positive, then your sperm count is equal to or greater than 20 million per ml. If either or both of the tests showed to be negative, it is advised that you consult your GP with a view to having a full semen analysis performed.

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