Big Trying For A Baby Bundle – Sensitive

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The Big Trying For A Baby Bundle is a real customer favourite and contains four premium products, bundled together to offer you real value for money. If you choose this pack, you will have a great selection of fertility products that can be used together to enhance your chances of successfully conceiving.

With this pack you £££’s on the price of these items if bought separately. The bundle contains the following:

ZOOM BABY Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Tests (40 Tests)

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests help you to easily identify your “LH Surge” – this is the time when you are most likely to conceive. These Deluxe Ovulation Tests are 4mm wide, which makes them easier to use than most other ovulation tests tat you might find at a similar price. Because they are wider, they are easier to read, meaning the chances of you correctly detecting your most fertile time are higher. This bundle contains 40 tests.

ZOOM BABY REGULAR Pregnancy Tests (4 Tests)

When you’re trying to conceive you need Pregnancy Tests as well as Ovulation Tests. That’s why we include 4 Early Pregnancy Tests as part of this bundle. Using Zoom Baby Early Pregnancy Tests, it is now possible to detect your pregnancy as early as 6 to 8 days after conceiving, which can be days before your first missed period.

High Accuracy Digital Fertility Thermometer

A Basal Thermometer is an important buy if you are planning on charting your basal body temperature (BBT) so that you can find out when you are about to ovulate. Being able to pinpoint this time is vital in being able to plan the timing of sexual intercourse, which will hopefully lead to conception. As well a supplying you with a high-quality basal thermometer with storage case as part of this bundle, we also supply you with full instructions on how to use the thermometer and a FREE BBT chart so that you can start fertility charting straight away.

Seven Seas Trying For A Baby Vitamins

Trying for a Baby Vitamins from Seven Seas have been designed to help conception and early pregnancy by providing a number of the essential ingredients needed at this important time. A 28 day supply of this excellent pre-conception fertility supplement is included in this offer.

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