Breast Milk Alcohol Test Strips

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This Breast Milk Alcohol Test detects the presence of alcohol in breast milk.

Simply immerse the tip of the test into breast milk for 10-15 seconds, wait 5 minutes and then compare the colour of the test pad to the accompanying colour chart. Any colour change indicates that alcohol is present, with darker shades of blue indicating higher alcohol content.

Alcohol & Breastfeeding

Most people are aware that alcohol and breastfeeding are not a good mix, simply because there is no level of alcohol that’s considered safe in breast milk. There is always the danger that alcohol consumed by a breastfeeding mother will pass into her breastmilk, at concentrations much the same as those found in her bloodstream. That’s why it’s always recommended that mothers should abstain from alcohol when breastfeeding newborn babies. However, even though many mothers look forward to having an occasional drink after the nine months of pregnancy, they’re still concerned about just how much alcohol they’re passing on to their baby. Breast milk alcohol tests strips take the guesswork out of this question, allowing mothers to breastfeed with confidence. Within five minutes of testing, these easy-to-read test strips typically detect the level of alcohol in breast milk, thus offering peace of mind to the breastfeeding mother.

It is important to note that there could well be a delay after consuming alcohol before the test strips provide a positive result in the breastmilk; in addition, your breastmilk test results may stay positive even though the effects (on you) of the alcohol you consumed have long subsided. We know that alcohol metabolizes at different rates from one person to another, and this rate can depend on a number of factors, such as whether you consumed any food prior to drinking alcohol. Using breast milk alcohol test strips is a simple way of ensuring that breastfeeding mothers are not contaminating their breast milk with alcohol.


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