Her First Little Bundle – Extra-Sensitive

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This little bundle contains:

10 EXTRA-SENSITIVE Ovulation Tests

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2 x EARLY Pregnancy Tests

Our deluxe Extra-Sensitive Pregnancy Tests

£1.99 £1.69

Digital Basal Thermometer

includes FREE BBT chart and full instructions!

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This First Little Bundle is suitable for those that are new to using ovulation testing. It’s a  great value combination deal. When you choose this option you will receive a package containing:

10 x ZOOM BABY Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Tests

Our best-selling extra-sensitive ovulation tests can pick up your LH surge at just 10 mIU/LH. These are 3.5mm wide tests. These tests come with full instructions and canhelp pinpoint ovulation so you can predict the days you are most likely to get pregnant. This size of pack gives you enough ovulation tests to easily pick up your LH surge in a single cycle. Remember when you are near the LH surge, you might be testing a few times a day, so having enough tests is vital if you want to avoid missing your peak conception time!

2 x Early Pregnancy Tests (10 miU/ml)

Zoom Baby Pregnancy Tests are Extra-Sensitive too, meaning that you can test for pregnancy 5 days before your period is due.  Our pregnancy test strips have hCG sensitivity to 10 mIU/ml and are 3.5 mm wide.

1 x Digital Fertility Thermometer, BBT instructions & BBT chart.

This high-accuracy thermometer comes with a thermometer storage case, complete instructions and a FREE Ovulation Chart. A Basal Thermometer is an essential purchase if you want to chart  your basal body temperature ( BBT ) in order to find out when your body is going to ovulate.



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