Conceive Plus Ovulation Pack – Large

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This Large Fertility Essentials Pack contains:
40 x Ovulation Tests
20 x Pregnancy Tests
1 x Conceive Plus
1 x Trying For A Baby Vitamins

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This Conceive Plus Ovulation Pack contains everything you need in one bundle!

As well as 40 Ovulation Tests, 20 Pregnancy Tests and a month’s supply of Trying for A Baby Vitamins, you will also get a 30ml tube of our amazing fertility lubricant Conceive Plus. It’s the ideal purchase to kick start your baby making adventure!

You will receive:

40 x REGULAR Ovulation Tests
Our highly-acclaimed Ovulation Tests are 3.50mm wide, making them wider than most of the cheap, inferior Ovulation Tests sold elsewhere. (You can even swap for Extra-Sensitive Ovulation Tests at no extra charge, if you prefer.)

20 x REGULAR Pregnancy Tests
You will need Pregnancy Tests and we supply 4 tests in this pack. (FREE Upgrade to Early Pregnancy Tests if you prefer those.)

Conceive Plus – 30ml tube
Conceive Plus is a scientifically formulated sperm safe lubricant designed to be used while trying to get pregnant. We recommend this to all couple who are trying for a baby.

Seven Seas Trying For a Baby Supplement
A 30 day supply of Seven Seas Trying For a Baby vitamins is also supplied in this pack. This supplement is designed to support the nutritional requirements of women who are trying to conceive.

Wow! A great package that will get you off to a flying start when you are trying to conceive.

Save £££s on the price of these items bought separately. + FREE Supersaver or First Class Delivery!

Zoom Baby Standard Ovulation Tests are the ideal choice if you are looking for Cheap Ovulation Tests. However, just because these tests are cheaper than some of the more famous brands you might find in the shops, does not mean that they are any less reliable. All Zoom Baby tests are 99.9% accurate at detecting your “LH Surge” – the rapid and short increase in luteinising hormone that can be detected in your urine just before you ovulate.

Features and benefits of Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests:

  • 99.9% accurate Ovulation Test
  • 3.5mm wide test strip
  • Sensitivity of 20 miu/ml  (Regular) and 20 miu/ml (Extra-Sensitive)
  • long shelf life
  • CE marked
  • FDA cleared

What is the best ovulation test?

The best ovulation test for you will be the one that suits your body. Generally this will mean a choice between two types of ovulation test – a regular ovulation test and an extra-sensitive ovulation test.

Why do you offer regular and extra-sensitive Ovulation Tests?

We now offer two types of test because we realise – quite obviously – that not all women are the same.  Some women have a cycle that they can predict will last between 26 and 30 days. With a  regular cycle is much easier to predict when ovulation will take place. Some women have much longer cycles or greater fluctuations from month-to-month. As well as this there are lots of other conditions that can affect when ovulation takes place – PCOS, a lazy ovary, miscarriage in the past, endometriosis, breast feeding at the same time.

Here’s some statistics to focus the mind:

In general, it can be said that, in any one cycle, 80% of women will ovulate “normally”.  Somewhere between 10% and 12% of women will not ovulate at all and the remaining women may well ovulate twice! The “average” woman will have an LH level in her body of anywhere between 5-20 mIU/ml. (LH is the hormone that sets off ovulation). At the time of the ovulation surge, the basal level rises to approximately 50-200 mIU/ml. At this level the egg is released as ovulation takes place.  This means that for the vast majority of women the 30 mIU ovulation tests will be the best ovulation test for them

How will I know which is the best ovulation test to choose? Why might I need a different sensitivity?

Every woman is different and accordingly, each woman can have different results from an ovulation test.  Here’s an example: A woman approaching menopause may find that the ‘test’ line on our regular 30 mIU sticks never seems to get as dark as or darker than the ‘control’ line or she doesn’t get a ‘test’ line at all. This means that the increase of LH in her body never reached the level that is considered ‘normal’ when the surge took place. In this scenario, she should try the higher sensitivity tests (20 mIU) as this will pick up the LH surge at much lower.

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    Bought this pack as it has tests as well as Conceive Plus, which is our preferred lube. It’s not as sticky to use as the brand we had before, which is great.

    A nice package of products at a good price, received quickly.

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