10 Reasons Why Women Prefer Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests

When trying for a baby, many women nowadays will try and speed things along to become pregnant as quickly as possible. Although there is no foolproof way to become pregnant quicker, there are things that a women can do to maximize her chances.

One sure fire way of helping your self to get pregnant quicker is by using an ovulation test. This type of home testing kit will allow you to predict the best time to have sex, thus maximizing the chances of successfully getting pregnant quicker.

When it comes to Ovulation Tests, they are not all of the same. When you look in your local supermarket, pharmacy or on eBay, you will see Ovulation Tests. Some are better than others. Some are great, some are rubbish. How do you decide which one is the best for you?

Zoom Baby have been selling Ovulation Tests online for over 10 years. Many women have come to trust Zoom Baby and we have successfully helped countless numbers of couples to become pregnant over the years. Often more than once!

So why should you choose Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests rather than any of the other brands in the market. We have put together 10 reason why women prefer Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests. Read on …

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are reliable

All Zoom Baby ovulation tests are sourced from leading manufacturers only, so you can be sure of the results they give you. Unlike many cheap ovulation tests you might find on eBay or Amazon, our tests are CE marked and FDA approved. This means that they meet professional medical standards for sale Europe and the USA. When used correctly, we predict that Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are 99% in correctly predicating ovulation.

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are used by the NHS

In the UK, our ovulation tests are the very same ones that are used by the NHS on a daily basis. Our ovulation tests are supplied to hospitals and doctors surgeries throughout the UK. You can be sure that the tests you use are reliable for this very reason.

Zoom Baby Wider Ovulation Tests are easier to read

Our popular ovulation Test strips are 3.5mm wide. This is the optimum width when testing for ovulation as it makes the results of your test easier to read and interpret. Many cheap ovulation tests are only 2.5mm wide, sometimes even less than that! This makes them cheaper to produce but less reliable to use and understand. You should only buy wider test strips, such as those sold at Zoom Baby.

Zoom Baby Tests are supplied with easy to use instructions.

It can sometimes be tricky to understand how to test for ovulation if you have never done it before. This is why it is important that you understand completely what you need to do in order to successfully predict your most fertile time of the month.

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests come in two varieties

All women are different and it would be crazy to think that we could offer one type of ovulation test that suited everybody. That’s why we don’t! At Zoom Baby we have always offered two types of LH tests so that you can decide which one suits you best.

Our regular ovulation test detects LH in urine at a level of 30 miU/ml. For many women this is the perfect test and is the test we suggest most women start with.

We also offer and extra-sensitive ovulation test which detects LH at the lower level of 20 miU/ml. This test is often useful for women who have irregular periods or other complications that affect their monthly cycle.

Ovulation Tests from Zoom Baby come with FREE Pregnancy Tests

When predicting for ovulation you need to be prepared for that day when you realize that you might be pregnant! For this reason we always supply free pregnancy tests with all of our packs of ovulation test strips.

Zoom Baby offer free after sales advice

Whenever you buy ovulation test from Zoom Baby you can rest assured that our service does not stop once the postman has delivered your tests. Because testing for ovulation can often be tricky, we always offer free advice so that you can be sure to be successful when testing. Our experts are only an email away and are always pleased to answer any customer questions or concerns.

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are sent out in discrete packaging

When you are trying for a baby it is often the case that you only want you and your partner to know about it. We know this. That’s why all order that we send out from Zoom Baby are in plain packaging. Nobody will know what is inside the parcel we send to you. Even the return address is a private one with no company name on it. That’s why you can even place an order and have it sent to your work address. When you order from Zoom Baby, your privacy is assured.

Zoom Baby Ovulation Tests are sent out quickly

Whenever possible we will always try and send out all order on the same day as they are placed. For most orders we also ship them out by 1st Class post. This means that you can generally hope to receive your tests within 24 hours of ordering online. Our service is reliable and quick, which is why we have many return customers.

Customer Testimonials tell you more than we ever can!

We love to hear from our customers and when we find out that we have helped a couple to become pregnant, we are overjoyed. We have built up a loyal following of customers over the years and many have been kind enough to drop us a line to tell us how we have helped them. All of the testimonials and reviews are 100% genuine and say more about Zoom Baby than we ever can!

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