6 of the Best Home Pregnancy Tests

Taking a home pregnancy test can be a scary and momentous occasion – will the result be positive or negative? Will it be a moment of joy or one of despair? One things for sure, every woman has her own idea of how she would like this moment to be.

Another important certainty is that, whatever result you are hoping for when you take a home pregnancy test, the result needs to be accurate. An incorrect pregnancy test result can cause an immense amount of stress and anxiety.

Luckily, home pregnancy tests have become more and more sophisticated in recent years. In fact, most home pregnancy tests are now as reliable as the pregnancy test you might take at your local doctor or hospital.

Choosing a Home Pregnancy Test

The amount of choice in the home pregnancy test market is overwhelming and baffling for many. Do you choose a regular pregnancy test or an early one or even an ultra early one? Which one is best? Which one is most reliable.

Luckily help is at hand! At Zoom Baby we have been selling pregnancy tests online since 2008, so we feel that we know a bit about the subject. We have put together a list of 6 pregnancy tests that we recommend and sell on our website. All are highly accurate and well priced. Which one you choose depends on your own personal preference!

1. NHS Pregnancy Tests

NHS Pregnancy Tests

These cassette-type pregnancy tests are used by the NHS so you would guess that they are pretty good, and you would be right! At Zoom Baby we sell a lot of these types of pregnancy tests because they are such great value for money. Where else could you buy a hospital-grade pregnancy test for less that a pound a test?

When you purchase an NHS pregnancy test from Zoom Baby, you tests arrive individually packaged in a foil wrapper, meaning that you only need to open each test when you need to use it. Inside the wrapper you will find a test cassette and a urine dropper. You will need to take a sample of urine, preferably in a sample cup. Using the dropper, take a drop of urine from the cup and place into the reservoir of the pregnancy test. Then sit back and wait. Within moments you will have a clear pregnancy test result.

We think that these pregnancy tests are great because they are simple and easy to use and offer fantastic value for money.

2. Pregnancy Test Strips

One- Step Pregnancy Test

Simple pregnancy tests strips are probably the cheapest way of testing for pregnancy. We currently offer two types of test of this type. – a regular pregnancy test which is designed to be taken on the first day of your missed period, and an extra-sensitive version of the test which can be taken earlier. (These extra-sensitive pregnancy test strips are designed to react to lower levels of the pregnancy hormone, hCG. They are sometimes also referred to as Early Pregnancy Tests)

Using a pregnancy test strip is fairly simple. You collect your urine sample in a cup and then place the strip into the urine and wait for the reaction to take place. Results appear within minutes and are as reliable as any of the expensive pregnancy tests on the market, at a fraction of the price.

Because pregnancy test strips are fairly inexpensive to buy, we recommend them to women who want to test on a regular or frequent basis.

3. Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests


If you are looking for a reliable early pregnancy test, you could opt for this ultra early pregnancy test from Suresign, which offers early pregnancy testing at an affordable price.

This Suresign test can be used as early as 5 days before your period is due, however, the test is most accurate on the day your period is due. It’s a midstream test. That means it is designed to be held in your urine stream, preferably using first morning urine as this is more concentrated and will offer more reliable results.

We think that the Suresign Ultra Early Pregnancy Test is one of the best-value home kits on the market, which is why we recommend these test to many of our customers.

4 First Response Pregnancy Tests


The first pregnancy test that promised to tell you “6 days earlier”, these mid-stream tests from First Response are still very popular with many of our customers and are highly reliable. A very similar test to the Suresign Ultra Pregnancy Tests but at a premium price. For a value for money choice, we would still vote for the Suresign test over this one.

5 Clearblue Double Check and Date


Clearblue is probably the most famous name in pregnancy testing in the world. This Double Check and Date pack is an innovative 2 pack of pregnancy tests. The first clearblue pregnancy test in the pack will check your result with a clear plus (+) or minus (-) result. The second test allows you to check again. Within 3 minutes your ‘Pregnant’ or ‘Not Pregnant’ result in words will show on the test window. This second test also tells you how far along you are (1-2, 2-3 or 3+ weeks since conception), something that currently no other pregnancy test can do!

A highly recommend option, although a bit pricier than the rest of the pregnancy test shown in this review.

Try A Sample Bag


If you are overwhelmed with choice, or just want to try a few different pregnancy tests out, then one of our pregnancy test samples bags may be just right for you!We have put together a selection of pregnancy tests, nicely packaged in a small organza gift bag. Try each test out and see which one you like using best. With one of these little gift bags by your side, you will never be short of a pregnancy test again. Have a look at the product page to find out more about the tests included in this great value pack!

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