Female Fertility Test Strips now back in stock

Zoom Baby Female Fertility Test strips are now back in stock.

This easy to use home tests detect raised levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) in urine in order to help establish a woman’s fertility.

What exactly is FSH?

FSH a hormone produced by the body.  In women it causes the follicles in the ovary to mature so that the woman can ovulate releasing an egg into the uterus.
Every month FSH levels will continue to increasse right through into menopause. This is because more and more FSH is needed with each ovulation, to stimulate the follicles into maturity, as fewer eggs are left.

What’s in the Female Fertility Test Kit?

There are two FSH test strips in each fertility test kit. One strip should be used to test on DAY 3 of your cycle (day 3 counting from the first day of your menstrual bleeding). The second strip must be used to test  exactly a week after the first test (Day 10 counting from the first day of menstrual bleeding).  Simply check the results against the instructions with the kit to see if your FSH levels are positive or negative.

Fertility Test Strips offer a very cheap and effective way of checking your FSH levels at home. As well as the popular FSH test strips, we also offer a midstream version of the test. This latter test is taken in that same way you might take some pregnancy tests, just pee on the stick!

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