NHS Pregnancy Test Bundle – 10 Pack

NHS Pregnancy Test Bundle – 10 Pack

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5 x Professional NHS Pregnancy Tests
5 x Midstream Pregnancy Tests

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Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying to keep from getting pregnant, when you miss your period you want to know immediately if you are pregnant or not. These pregnancy tests are fast, accurate (greater than 99%) and reliable when you require immediate discreet results in the privacy of your own home.

This Zoom Baby Pregnancy Test bundle combines our two most popular pregnancy tests, so you can choose the one that suits you best! You will get:

5 x Professional NHS Pregnancy Tests
5 x Midstream Pregnancy Tests

Buying this Zoom Baby bundle saves you 10% on the price of buying these items separately.

1. Professional Pregnancy Tests with reliable results in 5 minutes!

These tests are exactly the same as the one used by NHS hospital laboratories and doctors’ surgeries throughout the UK.

To use the test, simply collect a urine specimen in any clean container. Use the pipette provided in the foil pack to collect enough urine, squeeze a few drops onto the well at the bottom of the cassette and wait for the result to appear in the test window. You can read the result after just 3 minutes.

2. Midstream Pregnancy Tests – the easiest pregnancy test that you can use!

Just wee on the stick and wait for the results to appear within minutes. These tests are also highly sensitive, meaning that they can be used to check pregnancy up to 5 days before your period is due.

The tests can be taken at any time of the day. However, we do recommend that you test first thing in the morning when your urine is most concentrated.

Long Expiry – Discreet and Fast Shipping

These pregnancy tests have a long expiry date – normally 12 – 24 months, meaning that you do not need to worry about wasting any tests. We also ship them quickly, in plain packaging, so you can even get them sent to your work address without fear of anybody discovering the contents of the package.

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