Which Is the Best First Response Pregnancy Test?

Sometimes choice can cause you problems in life. Too many choices make decision making difficult.  How may times have you just wanted to to know, which one is the best?  Even choosing the right pregnancy test can cause you these kinds of headaches!

The First Stick Pregnancy Test

The Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test, the first stick pregnancy test, made its debut in 1988. At the time, It was a major advance in pregnancy test technology as it made the process of finding out if you were pregnant, so much easier. Before then, a women who missed her period would have to go through a very complicated process to find out if she was expecting.

Early pregnancy tests could be used at home but actually using one of the tests was nearly as complicated as carrying out a high-school chemistry experiment. The “Colour Result Advance Pregnancy Test”, for example, contained two test tubes, a clear plastic tray, a test tube holder, an eye dropper and a plastic stick for stirring. The urine, once, you managed top get it safely in to the tray without spilling it, was then mixed with two clear liquids before a result was obtained.

When the Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test arrived it was a game-changer. All the components of the early pregnancy tests – antibodies, the colour-changing dye, and a number other reagents – were put together on a stick for the first time. Results could now be discovered in just 10 minutes.

Today, the “pee on a stick” pregnancy test is known by everybody. What may seem like a simple test is actually a complicated piece of kit and scientists have been working hard since the 1980’s to make results from such tests quicker and more reliable and able to be determined from the earliest stages of pregnancy.

Rapid Results or Early Results

First Response now offer two pregnancy tests that are both highly reliable but which work in slightly different ways. The Rapid Results Pregnancy Test is designed to give you just that – Rapid Results. This test is so fast it can give a positive or negative result in just 45 seconds! We’ve come a long way from the two-week weight that ladies had to endure in the 1970’s!

The Early Results Pregnancy Test works slightly differently. This test is formulated to give you a positive or negative pregnancy test result as early as possible. Unlike the Rapid Results tests which needs you to test on the first day of your missed period, the Early Results Pregnancy Tests can give you are reliable results up to 5 days before the date when your period is expected.

Display Method

Both the Early Results and the Rapid Results Pregnancy Tests use the same display method – pink lines in a display window. After the test is taken, two pink lines appearing in the results window mean that the person is pregnant. Only one line means that the result is a negative pregnancy test.


The Rapid Results test will give a reliable result in just 45 seconds. When using the Early Results Tests, you need to wait a full three minutes.

When to Test

The Early Results Pregnancy Test from First Response detects the pregnancy hormone 6 days sooner than the day of your missed period (5 days before the day of expected period.) The Rapid Results Test must be taken when your period is due.


Both tests claim to be 99% accurate at detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels at the day of your expected missed period.

Which Is the Best First Response Pregnancy Test?

This is a really difficult question and the answer depends on what you are looking for. If your period hasn’t arrived and you just want to do a quick test, the Rapid Results might be the one that you opt for. If it’s early days into you possible pregnancy then you might want to try the Early Results Test as it can be used earlier. The choice is your – they are both great tests and at Zoom Baby we recommend them because of their ease-of use and high reliability.

Rapid Result Pregnancy Test

First Response Rapid Results Pregnancy Tests

Rapid Result Pregnancy Test Over 99% accurate Results in just 45 seconds! As accurate as a doctor’s test Use on first day of your missed period Please read the instructions carefully before use Pack contains 1 Pregnancy Test ...

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First Response Early Results Pregnancy Tests

First Response Early Results Pregnancy Tests

Pack of 1 Early Result Pregnancy Test Over 99% accurate Use as early as 6 days before your period is due As accurate as a doctor’s test Test earlier than any other home test Sent in plain packaging for privacy Quick delivery from Zoom Baby ...

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Good Luck!
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