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During a woman’s menstrual cycle, her body temperature will change. At the beginning of the menstrual pattern, her body temperature will be lower. Around the time of ovulation, her body temperature will rise and will remain elevated for the rest of that cycle, lowering just before her next period. Because this pattern ordinarily occurs in most women, we can record a woman’s basal body temperature on a daily basis and monitor when ovulation has occurred.

Keeping up daily temperature charting over a length of time will provide you with a good idea as to when you are ovulating each month. This can help you time intercourse to coincide with your most fertile time of the month and thus increase your chances of getting pregnant.

BBT Chart – Farenheit

Download our free BBT chart and you will be able to record your basal body temperature and cervical mucus. This will help you to determine the time of your ovulation. This chart is perfect for use with the Zoom Baby Basal Thermometer.

BBT Chart – Zoom Baby – FAHRENEHEIT
or, you may prefer this one: BBT Chart – Fahrenheit

Our friends at iProven also offer a BBT Chart (Fahrenheit) that can be used with their thermometer, as well as the Zoom Baby Basal Body Thermometer.

BBT Chart – Celsius

Our clinical-grade Basal Body Thermometer is great choice when you are recording your basal body temperature and cervical mucus. Our BBT Chart – Centigrade can be downloaded here. Or, follow this link to download another PDF chart that can be used with this Basal Body Thermometer.

How to Use A Basal Body Thermometer

Our easy to follow guide will tell you how to use any of our Basal Body Thermometers.

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