Where to buy cheap Pre-Seed lubricant

Pre~Seed is a Sperm-Friendly Lubricant that now comes in a handy Multi-Use Tube! Many couples are not aware that the lubricant they use when making love may be acting as a barrier to fertility. Some regular lubricants can cause problems for sperm, stopping them from getting to their destination for conception. Pre-Seed was one of … Read more

Where to buy Cheap Ovulation Test Kits?

Trying to choose which ovulation test to buy can be a very daunting experience if you’ve never done it before. The wide range of tests available, all making different claims to reliability and chances of success, means that it is not that easy to compare like for like. However, there are bargains to be had … Read more

Cheap Ovulation Test Kits

Cheap Ovulation Test Kits The internet is awash with cheap ovulation test kits. But are they any good? The packaging might look good but what’s actually inside the packet and will the test actually do what it is meant to do, i.e.: predict ovulation so that you can improve your chances of getting pregnant? So … Read more

Types of Ovulation Tests

Pregnant Woman

With technology advancing, there is now more help than ever for couples wanting to have a baby. Many tools now help to determine the ovulation time for a woman to increase the chances of conceiving quickly. Some of the tools help to track the basal body temperature while others are ovulation tests that are available … Read more

Male fertility worry as sperm counts drop

A new study has shown that the fertility of the average man has fallen sharply in the last twenty years, with the average number and quality of sperm in men declining dramatically. So, should we be worried about this dramatic drop in male fertility? The study was conducted in France and looked at the reproductive … Read more

DONNA Saliva Fertility Tester – User Instructions

  1. Remove outer cover of lip-stick size microscope device. 2.Pull out the black optic assembly from the inner tube. 3. THE MICROSCOPE LENS, WHERE YOU APPLY YOUR SALIVA SAMPLE, HAS BEEN PROTECTED WITH A PLASTIC SEAL. PLEASE REMOVE THE PROTECTIVE SEAL BEFORE FIRST USING THE MICROSCOPE. DONNA is a reusable device: therefore, before each … Read more

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