Female Fertility / Menopause Test Kit (FSH)

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You may well know that a woman’s fertility begins to reduce after she gets to the age of 30. What you may not have been aware of though is that the hormone F.S.H. (follicle stimulating hormone) is closely involved with a woman’s fertility and rising levels tend to be associated with reduced fertility. F.S.H. is the hormone that maintains the regular function of your ovaries and sex hormones it is a useful aid to assessing your fertility.

This test is especially useful for women with irregular cycles and women aged 30 or over. 2 tests are included and if both test results are positive it is an indicator of reduced fertility.

Female Fertility Test Kit – Questions and Answers

When should I start testing?

The test must be used on day 3 of your cycle. Count the first day of bleeding or spotting as day 1. You should use your first morning urine. You should not have passed urine for at least four hours before conducting the test.

What is an ovarian reserve?

Every woman is born with eggs in her ovaries—otherwise known as her ovarian reserve. When a woman starts ovulating her number of eggs continues to decrease until she reaches menopause. The closer a woman gets to menopause the less the quality her eggs are making it more difficult for the egg to be successfully fertilised. With our Fertility Test a woman’s Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is measured to gauge her remaining ovarian reserve.

Is an Ovulation Test the same as Fertility test?

Fertility Tests and Ovulations Tests are two entirely different things. Fertility Tests are designed to measure the amount of FSH hormones present on the third day of a menstrual cycle. This test is designed only to gauge the potential of fertility, and does not determine ovulation.

Ovulations Tests are designed to measure an entirely different hormone—the luteinizing hormone (LH). This test is used to detect the surge in LH hormone that occurs just before an egg is released from her ovary.

Neither test should be utilized as a birth control method.

Does a surge in LH always indicate ovulation?

While a woman’s surge in LH is used as an indicator that ovulation should be occurring shortly, your ovaries may not be as responsive to this surge as they are supposed to be. This is why doing both a Fertility Test and an Ovulation Test can prove valuable.

What if your FSH levels are normal, but you are not getting pregnant?

If you have completed a Fertility Test and your results are reading in the normal range, then you have an adequate reserve. If you have an adequate reserve and have been attempting to conceive for several months, but you are still not getting pregnant it may be time to visit your physician.

What if your FSH levels are reading higher than normal?

FSH tests are designed to detect normal levels of FSH, but not to replace your relationship with your physician. If your FSH levels are reading too high, or too low, both will affect your odds of conceiving.

Are there any medical conditions that will affect test results?

Yes—there are many factors that will affect fertility test results. If a woman has already been diagnosed with fertility issues and is taking fertility hormones, this test may not give accurate results. A few other factors that will affect test results are when a woman is already beginning menopause, has ovarian cysts, is pregnant, recently gave birth, or has hypothyroidism.

Does oral contraceptives affect the test results?

To increase the accuracy of your results you should wait until you have been off of your oral contraception for two full cycles. This is because it will take at least that long for your hormones to stabilize and return you your natural cycle.

Will a fertility test detect fertility concerns?

No—a FSH fertility test is only designed to measure a woman’s ovarian reserve. As a general rule if you have been trying to conceive for more than 12 months and you are under the age of 35, or you are over the age of 35 and have been trying to conceive for more than 6 months you should visit your physician. Also visit your physician if you are of any age and have irregular menstrual cycles which makes it more challenging to conceive.

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