Using Saliva to Detect Your Most Fertile Days

Predicting ovulation is important for couples trying to conceive. There are several at-home methods to detect a woman’s fertile window, including saliva ferning tests. This reusable test allows a woman to check when she will ovulate by examining ferning patterns in dried saliva samples.

What Is Ovulation and Why Detect It?

Ovulation occurs when an egg is released from the ovaries, approximately 14 days before a woman’s next period. The days surrounding ovulation constitute the fertile window – the time with the highest chances of conception occurring after intercourse. Identifying the fertile days allows couples to properly time intercourse to achieve pregnancy.

How Do Saliva Ovulation Tests Work?

Saliva ovulation tests contain a small microscope with an inbuilt lens. A woman deposits a saliva sample and allows it to dry, which produces ferning patterns visible under the microscope.

In the days before ovulation, rising oestrogen causes ferning – fern-like crystals in dried saliva. Seeing this pattern means ovulation will occur soon. When the ferns are prominent across the whole sample, ovulation is imminent or is happening.

Using Saliva Ovulation Tests

It’s easy to use saliva ovulation tests at home. Simply place saliva on the lens, wait for it to dry (5-20 minutes), then check the crystallisation pattern. Cautions: Avoid eating, drinking, smoking, or brushing teeth beforehand.

Check daily when starting out to learn your personal cycle patterns across the month. With practice, you can accurately identify when your peak fertile time occurs using the saliva ferning visual cues.

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Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: Inexpensive (reusable for years), easy to find, convenient, private. Results don’t rely on accurate urine sample collection.

Disadvantages: Can have a learning curve, results more subjective than other ovulation tests, moderate accuracy predicting ovulation day. Works best paired with tracking basal body temperature.

Other Fertility Awareness Options

Saliva ovulation tests may suit women seeking affordable at-home fertility tracking options. Those wanting high accuracy in pinpointing ovulation day might prefer urine tests measuring luteinising hormone levels. However, combining multiple indicators like cervical mucus and temperature tracking can optimisation chances of timing conception right.

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