Are Cheap Ovulation Tests Reliable?

So, Are Cheap Ovulation Tests Worth Buying?

You may have seen that cheap ovulation tests are appearing in supermarkets, pound shops and on the web. Everybody likes a bargain and it can be very tempting, when the price is right to buy cheap ovulation tests. The big question is though, are cheap ovulation tests any good? And which are the best ovulation tests when working to a budget?

Size Is Important!

If you are using Ovulation Test Strips, then size is important. We are talking here about the width of the test strip. Many cheap ovulation tests are next-to-useless because they are very, very thin. When you are looking at an ovulation test strip, trying to interpret the results, it’s going to be very hard to get a clear picture from a 2.5mm wide test strip. However, many manufacturers of these cheap ovulation tests cut costs by making the strips very thin. You should avoid buying any of these narrow ovulation test strips, they are a waste of money!

The Wider, The Better!

You should only buy Ovulation Test Strips that are a minimum of 3.5mm wide, preferably wider. Our deluxe ovulation tests strips are 4mm wide and the tests themselves are made from high-quality paper stock. This means that they are easy to interpret and use.

Looking for the Markings on the Foil Packet

All cheap ovulation tests should at least be individually packed in foil packets that show where the tests were manufactured and how long they are valid for. Most good ovulation tests will have a shelf-life of 12-24 months typically. All Ovulation Tests that are sold in Europe are required to have a CE mark on their packaging. If that CE mark is missing, do not buy the test. Sometimes you might also see a reference to “FDA” on the packet. The FDA is the US Food and Drug Administration. If an ovulation test is marked as “FDA Cleared” that means that is has been approved for sale in the US market.

Buy Ovulation Tests From a Reputable Company

If you buy unknown tests from an unknown supplier on eBay or another website, you cannot complain if you end up with some cheap but worthless tests. Buying from an established ovulation test supplier such as Zoom Baby makes sense. Not only do you know that you are buying quality tests, you also know that you have the support of a company that can advise you if you have questions once you start using them!

Where to Buy Cheap Ovulation Tests

Zoom Baby has a wide range of ovulation tests available that meet all kinds of budgets. All of our ovulation tests are highly reliable in picking up your LH surge. Why not try them out?

Are All Cheap Ovulation Tests Created Equal?

While you can find inexpensive ovulation tests, it’s crucial to remember that not all budget-friendly options are reliable. Some manufacturers may cut corners on quality to keep costs low. For instance, they might use less sensitive test strips or skimp on the amount of dye used to indicate a positive result. This can lead to unclear or inaccurate readings, potentially causing you to miss your fertile window altogether.

Therefore, when shopping for cheap ovulation tests, it’s essential to do your research. Look for reviews from other users and check that the tests have been validated by reputable organisations. Don’t just go for the cheapest option without considering the quality. Spending a little extra on a reliable brand can save you frustration and wasted time in the long run.

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