DONNA Saliva Fertility Tester – User Instructions

The DONNA Saliva Fertility Tester was one of the first of ovulation microscopes available on the market. As far as we are aware, it is no longer available. At Zoom Baby, we  sold a lot of the Donna microscopes from 2013 onwards. Because some of these devices are still in circulation, we have reproduced the user instructions below for reference purposes.

If you are looking to purchase a saliva fertility tester, we recommend the Maybe Baby Saliva Fertility Tester. Just like for the Donna device, we also offer full instructions on how to use the Maybe Baby fertility tester.

How to use the DONNA Saliva Fertility Tester

Step 1

1. Remove outer cover of lip-stick size microscope device.

Step 2

2.Pull out the black optic assembly from the inner tube.

Step 3


Step 4

DONNA is a reusable device: therefore, before each time you apply the saliva sample, please clean the outside of microscope lens with alcohol and a cotton swab/alcohol wipe. Place a small amount of saliva or cervical mucus (try avoiding bubbles and not to overflow lens), onto the bottom of the mini-microscope lens.
Donna Saliva Fertility Tester

Step 5

4. Replace the mini microscope back into the inner tube and place outer cover over it. We recommend allowing the saliva sample to dry at least 5 minutes, depending on environment humidity. If you view your sample and see movement of saliva replace outer cover and wait the additional time as needed.
Donna Saliva Fertility Tester

Step 6

5. Remove the outer cover and with one hand take the DONNA device, using your thumb and middle finger to hold it. With your index (pointing) finger, push in and hold the white button on the opposite end of the DONNA. This will put on the internal light. With the opposite hand focus by turning, clockwise or anticlockwise the threaded eyepiece, until the sample is clearly visible. Compare the image you see with the ones below.

Donna Saliva Fertility Tester
RESULTS – what you will see through the microscope.


During your cycle when not ovulating, you will see no pattern.
What you may see are random, very tiny black spots and some dried saliva rings in the yellow field.

As you get closer to the beginning of your ovulating time (up to 3 days prior), you are looking to see short lines the thickness of a hair. There can be several or simply just a few of these hair-like structures. The quantity is not as important as is the presence of them.

This view means that you will start to ovulate anytime within the next 3 days. We advise you to now continue to use the DONNA at least 2x (times) per day.


At this point you are now looking to see those “eyelash” hair-like structures to have multiplied and have overlapped each other in the yellow light field.
Here is where the salts in your body, due to the heighten level of your estro- gen, crystallise and form patterns known as ferning or crystallisation. These patterns will indicate that ovulation is about to take place – or occurring.

* The quality of saliva sample can be affected by smoke, alcohol and food consumption. Therefore it is highly recommended to use saliva for testing after 1 hour abstinence from these substances.

* Please note that a complete cycle may vary dramatically. It is not uncommon for women to ovulate on: Day 21; Day 25: Day 30. Irregular cycles are very common. Users should not take any decision of medical relevance without first consulting their medical practitioner.

This post first appeared in 2013 and has been updated since.

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