Exhausted from Trying to Conceive? How to Replenish Your Reserves

Fed up With Trying to Get Pregnant? How to Recharge and Find Support

Dealing with infertility can be emotionally and physically draining. The constant disappointment each month, appointments, testing, and treatments can leave you feeling exhausted. Here are some tips to help you manage infertility fatigue and find the support you need.

Take Time to Unplug

Give yourself a break from digital devices and social media. Even just a few hours without emails, texts, and scrolling can help you decompress. Some ideas: put your phone in a separate room, go for a walk without your devices, or spend time on a creative hobby. The break from constant connectivity can be re-energising.

Do Something Unrelated to Fertility

Engage the other parts of your brain by starting a fun DIY, craft, or other project unrelated to having a baby. Order any materials you need and look forward to focusing your energy on creating something. The process of planning and preparing can shift your mindset.

Limit Social Media

Reduce stress and envy by taking social media breaks. Trade scrolling for a relaxing walk outside without your phone. Enjoy moving your body and being present in nature. Even an hour away from social platforms and baby announcements can lift your mood.

Pamper Yourself

Schedule some self-care, like a spa treatment or home pampering session. A massage, manicure, facial or relaxing bath with a good book lets you focus on your physical comfort. Simple acts of self-nurturing can go a long way.

Connect with a Support Community

Find people who truly understand what you’re going through via in-person or online support groups. Hearing from others navigating infertility normalises your experiences and makes you feel less alone. You may get great advice and possibly make new friends along the way.

Tips for Finding the Right Support Community

  • Search for local in-person or virtual support groups specifically for those experiencing infertility.
  • Join online forums where you can connect with others anonymously. Be selective about which groups you participate in.
  • Ask your doctor or clinic for recommendations of reputable organisations, networks and resources.
  • Seek out groups that focus on empowerment rather than just venting. The culture matters.
  • Try both condition-specific groups and broader communities for anyone coping with reproductive loss.
  • Sample a few different groups to find the right fit. Move on if any feel unhealthy or draining.

Lean on Your Healthcare Team

Don’t hesitate to lean on your doctor, nurses, therapist, or other fertility clinic staff when you need extra support. They specialise in helping people through this process and can offer guidance for pressing pause or making changes when you’re feeling burnt out.

Speak with a Counsellor

Meet with a professional counsellor who has experience supporting people coping with fertility issues. They provide a judgement-free space to process complex emotions, learn healthy coping mechanisms, and begin to heal. You don’t have to struggle through this alone.

Prioritise Rest and Recovery

Listen to your body and give yourself permission to rest. Take time off work if possible, say no to social events when you need space, and don’t feel guilty about extra naps or nights in. Gentle movement like walking, stretching or yoga can also boost energy levels.

Explore Natural Stress Relievers

There’s a whole bunch of mood-boosting activities you can try. Have a got at meditating, enjoying nature, listening to music, drinking herbal tea, taking epsom salt baths, or using essential oils. Experiment to find which natural stress relievers resonate with you. Even small daily rituals can help you recharge.

Adjust Your Treatment Approach

Discuss adjusting your treatment protocol with your doctor if you’re exhausted and need a break. Maybe you take a 1-3 month pause or shift to timed intercourse instead of a medicated cycle. Even small breaks can renew your energy so you don’t deplete your reserves.

Dealing with infertility exhaustion is difficult, but support and self-care can help you through. Reach out to your community, take time outs when needed, and be gentle with yourself. With the right coping tools, you can move forward feeling refreshed and hopeful.

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