Fertility Misunderstandings and Conception Tips

Fertility Misunderstandings and Conception Tips

You probably heard about the infamous old wives tales about having intercourse on specific days, eating a proper diet or even attempting to conceive in days with a full moon. Some are odd, however, a few of them are scientifically based and could probably increase your odds of conceiving.

In this article, we will bust certain misunderstandings about certain techniques and give you and your partner the best possible odds to prepare your body for a baby.

Understanding Your Cycle

The egg has a few days to be fertilised when it is finally released and floating around in your body. Carefully monitoring your monthly cycle is helpful in determining when is the best time to conceive and then making the most of that time (wink, wink).

Using a calendar is helpful in tracking your cycle. An ovulation kit is also useful as it tracks your hormones and temperature to determine how fertile you are at certain days in your monthly cycle. This tracking could also be done on apps such as Clue and iPeriod.

Targeting the Ideal Day

Is the day of the week important in conception? There is heated discussion around this topic, even though the myths seem to have a different opinion. Some myths state that boys have a higher probability of being conceived on odd days while girls have better odds on even days and there is no scientific proof of this. However, you could still get pregnant even if you are on your period, in contrast to widespread assumptions.

Eating A Healthy Diet For Conception

Having a fit and healthy body increases your chances of conceiving; therefore, it is important to eat a diet that is balanced and nutrient rich. “Fertility boosting” superfoods is a reality and worth a try. Consuming fruits and vegetables in healthy portions daily (especially green veggies that are high in B vitamin folate) will feed your body with all the proper nutrients. It is important to have whole grains and foods rich in iron and calcium. It is also useful to eat fish abundant in omega-3 as well as substituting plant-based for animal-based protein.

Including Some Extra Foods to Your Diet

Adding folic acid to your diet has been shown scientifically to protect foetuses from developing spina bifida.

Eating more red meat boosts your odds of having a boy as per some old wives tales. Want a girl? eat more chocolate! However, not surprisingly, none of these have been scientifically proven.

Staying Fit and Healthy

Your doctor has a duty to tell you to eat well and keep fit if you are trying to conceive. Therefore, it is important to minimise or eliminate the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and maintain a good exercise routine. Having sufficient sleep is also vital. Actually, a romantic early night with your partner might be the perfect choice!

Minimising Stress

It has not been scientifically proven that minimising stress increases your odds of getting pregnant. However, if you start to feel stressed, doing yoga, meditating or reading a good book will help to reduce stress.

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