10 Early Signs of Pregnancy

Wondering If You Might Be Pregnant?

These Early Signs of Pregnancy May Be Your Answer!

Any woman trying to get pregnant knows just how frustrating it can be waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. Time seems to slow right down, and each day can feel like a month! You analyse everything, but you’re still never really sure if you are, in fact, pregnant or just about to get your period. The symptoms you’re noticing could be the signs of early pregnancy, or they could be premenstrual symptoms. And because we’re all so different, one woman’s symptoms may be different to anothers.

But you want to know now! Well, maybe you don’t need to wait until you get that second pink line to be (almost) sure you’re pregnant, because, if you know what to look for, your body may be sending you some very subtle hints!

Have a look at our list below and see if any of these symptoms apply to you –

Enhanced Senses

It’s a possible sign of pregnancy if you’ve noticed that you suddenly have a heightened sense of smell; or perhaps some foods don’t taste good at all. Your body’s sensory input will change when baby hormones come into play! If this is your second pregnancy you may recall this happening before and it could well be that you’re experiencing the same heightened sense of smell or same aversion to certain foods. However, keep in mind that these symptoms will vary from woman to woman.

Increased Vaginal Discharge

Some women may not be aware that elevated oestrogen levels can lead to an increase in vaginal discharge, which can be one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. Immediately following conception many women will notice a white milky discharge, although it doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant if you don’t experience this symptom. The good news is that you’ll probably notice this symptom prior to getting a positive pregnancy test!

Extra-Sensitive Nipples

Many women report that breast tenderness and swelling are their first symptoms of pregnancy, and this is because their body is already preparing to produce milk. You may notice these symptoms even before a missed period; however, some women typically experience breast tenderness prior to getting a period, so for these women it may not be a symptom of pregnancy at all. If you are indeed pregnant, the breast swelling and tenderness could also be accompanied by extremely sensitive nipples.

Light Bleeding or Spotting

A woman trying to get pregnant can become very disheartened at the sight of any blood, but don’t give up just yet! Many women experience light bleeding or spotting at the time they would have expected their period, and this is typically due to implantation of the embryo. So, just wait to see if the bleeding turns into a full flow.

Another Manicure Already?

It’s true that pregnancy hormones can cause your nails to grow faster, so if you’ve suddenly noticed that you need a new manicure, you could well be pregnant. And you could notice this symptom prior to getting a positive pregnancy test!

Are you feeling bloated; and have you noticed an increase in your waistline? You may not know that your digestion can be affected by pregnancy progesterone, which not only makes you gassy, but backs you up and puffs you out. If you weren’t trying to get pregnant these symptoms, in conjunction with morning sickness, could make for a very uncomfortable life! Welcome these symptoms because you could be pregnant!


Implantation can cause you to experience cramping, which in some women can be due to their period being on the way – but not all women! As the embryo embeds itself into the lining of the uterus you can experience the same sensations as when the lining sheds during a period. There’s still hope a baby could be on its way!


Vertigo, or dizziness, can be unpleasant at the best of times, and during pregnancy vertigo can occur due to dehydration or low blood sugar. Your body goes through a lot during pregnancy, and early pregnancy can also take its toll. It’s very important that you eat when hungry and stay well hydrated if you’re trying to conceive.

Hot and Bothered

Are you a little more hot and bothered than normal? Your body temperature rises during ovulation, and if you are pregnant then it will stay high.

Hot Flashes Are Common Too

Alongside an elevated body temperature, many pregnant women experience sudden hot flashes. You might feel a sudden, intense wave of heat spreading through your upper body and face. Hot flashes during early pregnancy are triggered by hormonal changes, especially increases in oestrogen. To keep cool, dress in light, breathable layers that you can easily remove. Carry a portable fan and stay hydrated by sipping water frequently. While uncomfortable, hot flashes are a normal part of your body’s incredible transformation as it nurtures your growing baby. Just remember, this too shall pass!

Headaches and Disturbed Sleep

A change in your usual sleep patterns can be a real early indicator of pregnancy. For some women, insomnia can be the first sign of pregnancy. Many women will experience very disturbed sleep in the first few weeks. Those initial hormone surges can also result in very vivid and intense dreams.

Hormonal changes in your body can also result in sleepiness and a dull headache. If there’s any chance at all that you may be pregnant you should take it easy and try to get some extra rest. Taking a nap during the day can work wonders!

Unusual Mood Swings

A woman’s moods can be very changeable during PMS, but mood swings are also another symptom of pregnancy. The difference with pregnancy is that mood swings can be more extreme because of the influx of baby hormones. You may be laughing and happy one moment, then crying and miserable the next; which means that you’re probably pregnant!

While you’re expecting, your body increases the production of hormones, such as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and progesterone. These hormones play a crucial role in preparing your body for the growth and development of your baby. Nevertheless, they additionally cause a deep affect your emotional state and how stable you feel.

The precise factors for emotional shifts during pregnancy are not fully comprehended, but it is believed that the fluctuating hormone levels affect the neurotransmitters in your brain, such as serotonin and dopamine. These substances have an important function in balancing your temperament. If their equilibrium gets disrupted, this could cause abrupt changes in mood.

It’s crucial to remember that these mood swings are temporary and will likely lessen as your pregnancy progresses. They are just part of the early signs of being pregnant!

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