Boost Your Conception Chances with Pre-Seed Lubricant

Planned intercourse, when trying for a baby, can be stressful and intimidating. The stress associated with it can lead to vaginal dryness due to that pressure of needing to perform “on demand”. That’s where Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant comes in…

Vaginal dryness is often a compliant when couples are trying to conceive. Often women choose to use a lubricant to help with the problem and this is when the trouble begins.

Many of  the lubricants commonly available in the shops are great for when you are just having sex but, when you are on a mission of conceiving a baby, they are less useful. Many lubes will cause sperm motility to be impaired, as well as lower sperm counts. Both of these factors will inhibit conception and decrease the chances of getting pregnant. (It’s only motile sperm that can fertilise female eggs. Immotile ones can’t!)

Everyday lubricants have the wrong pH and have salt and ion levels. These can damage sperm and cause them to become dehydrated or to even stop swimming.

Pre-Seed Fertility Lubricant

Using the Right Lube When Trying for a Baby

Pre-Seed was developed by a leading sperm physiologist, Dr. Joanna Ellington. It differs from regular lubricants in that it is designed to work in harmony with male sperm, thus preserving it’s qualities whilst allowing for pleasurable lubrication at the same time. Clinical studies showed that sperm which had come into contact with Pre-Seed Lubricant have significantly higher motility than those treated with regular lubricants.  Also, because Pre-Seed mimics a woman’s own body fluid, it was found to preserve the DNA integrity of sperm.

Furthermore, Pre-Seed has been shown to enhance the chances of conception during intercourse for couples who are trying to conceive. In fact, studies have shown that couples who use Pre-Seed during their fertile window have a 2.4 times higher chance of achieving pregnancy than those who use traditional lubricants or no lubricant at all.

The unique formula of Pre-Seed also makes it safe and gentle for both partners to use. It is pH balanced to match the natural vaginal pH, ensuring that it does not disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria in the vaginal area. Additionally, it is free from glycerin, parabens, and other harmful ingredients commonly found in lubricants.

Pre-Seed Lubricant is available in easy-to-use applicators, making it simple to apply and use during intimacy. It is also compatible with latex and polyurethane condoms, making it a great option for couples who need additional protection during intercourse.

Overall, Pre-Seed Lubricant is a game-changer for couples trying to conceive. Its innovative formula and clinically-proven results make it an effective and safe option for enhancing fertility and increasing the chances of conception.

The Best Fertility Lubricant

In a 2014 study Pre-Seed was pitched against 9 other fertility lubricants in research that looked at the effects of vaginal lubrication on sperm function. The research found that Pre-Seed was best at maintaining sperm motility and vitality.

The study found that “Pre-Seed was the lubricant which had the least negative effect on sperm function, with Conceive Plus a close second”

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This post first appeared in 2019. It was last updated in June 2023.

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