Trying to Conceive? Time to Use a Fertility Lubricant

Conceive Plus: How A Fertility Lubricant Helps To Increase Pregnancy Chances

Have you and your significant other made the decision to have a baby? Congratulations! This is an exciting, but trying time. After all, some couples seem to have all the luck in having babies while others it takes much longer. There’s no “how to get pregnant” formula out there, but some products do make the experience a little easier. A fertility lubricant is one such product.

How You Can Successfully Conceive

Life is hectic; there is no doubt about that. Therefore, if you want to conceive, there’s no shame in getting help. There are several things you can do for yourself to ensure you can get pregnant.

Visit your gynecologist for a routine checkup. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you are experiencing any problems that could hinder you from getting pregnant. They can also tell you which nutritional supplements you should be using to boost your chances of having a healthy pregnancy.

Start living a healthy lifestyle (if you’re not already). This healthy diet includes eating right, getting exercise, reduce your alcohol consumption, stop smoking and get plenty of sleep.

You should also get an ovulation calculator, which can help you to know when you’re most fertile days are. A fertility lubricant like Conceive Plus can make it easier to become pregnant.

Conceive Plus: What Is It and How Can It Help Couples Become Pregnant

Conceive Plus is an FDA-approved fertility lubricant that also gets approval from doctors and fertility clinics all over the world. It’s the only one of its type to offer both magnesium and calcium ions, which are important to the fertilization process and can boost your chances of becoming pregnant.

What Are Some Advantages To Using Conceive Plus?

• Approved by the FDA – to help couples naturally conceive
• The isotonic and pH balanced simulate the natural fertile fluids of the body
• It’s safe for sperm – function, motility and viability
• Above all it has both magnesium and calcium ions, so it aids in the fertilization process
• Clinically tested and recommended by doctors for couples trying to conceive
• Free from harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients
• Non-greasy and non-irritating formula, providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience
• Can be used in conjunction with fertility treatments and medications
• Can increase the chances of pregnancy for couples struggling with fertility issues
• Easy to use and apply during intimate moments
• Available in different formats, such as the 75ml tube and pre-filled applicators
• Can enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy for both partners
• Trusted and highly rated by couples who have successfully conceived using Conceive Plus

How Do You Use Conceive Plus?

Conceive Plus comes in pre-filled applicators and a multi-use tube bottle. Pre-filled applicators should be used 15 minutes before sexual activity. The multi-use tube can then be used with your partner.

Conceive Plus is for any couple looking to get pregnant – not just for couples having problems conceiving. Many women use a lubricant while having sex, but most of them hinder sperm motility and viability. Conceive Plus, with its pH balance and electrolytes, creates a friendlier environment for sperm to survive in.

The product is highly affordable and can be found in most stores. If you want a baby and have tried other lubricants without success, it’s time to try Conceive Plus. Why do you really have to lose? Many couples have used it with success, therefor why not be one yourself?

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This post first appeared in 2018. It was last updated in July 2023.

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